Biden will visit the border with Mexico amid the immigration crisis as Trump criticizes his performance


The president of the  United States , Joe Biden , has affirmed this Sunday that he  will travel to the border with  Mexico , given the increase in the arrival of undocumented immigrants, while his predecessor,  Donald Trump , has accused him of having created "a national disaster." . 

Asked if he planned to  visit the border with the neighboring country, Biden has replied: "At some point, I will, yes," the president has indicated, without specifying a date, in statements to journalists upon his return to the White House after spend the weekend at Camp David.

Biden has assured that he knows what the situation is in the migrant detention centers on the border , when one of the reporters asked him if with that visit he wanted to see first-hand the conditions in these types of facilities.

The Biden government asks migrants not to go to the United States.

The president has stressed that, apart from the message of his  Administration to recommend not traveling to those who are thinking of going to the US . Through its southern border, its Executive will adopt more measures.

"We are in the process now, including ensuring that we restore what was before, which was that (immigrants) can stay and present their cases from their countries of origin," he explained.

The Biden government has worked this Sunday to  defend its management of the migratory crisis and to send a clear message: "Do not come to the US."

The Biden administration blames its predecessors

To do this, the head of immigration of its Executive, the Secretary of National Security (DHS, in English), Alejandro Mayorkas, made a round of interviews by some of the main televisions of the country in which he  has blamed the current situation in the border to the Trump Administration.

Shortly after,  the former president , who despite having left the White House is the most popular leader among Republicans,  has vindicated his legacy in a statement  and stated that he gave the Biden government "the safest border in history."

"All they had to do was maintain a system that ran smoothly on autopilot, Trump has opined." Instead, in the span of a few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. "

Trump has described Mayorkas's interventions on television as "pathetic", "useless"  and a "national disgrace."

Trump encourages the continuation of the wall construction

"His self-indulgent appearance in the midst of a massive crisis that he has helped create is further proof that he is incapable of leading DHS," he said.

The former president has urged the resumption of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico , one of his star proposals and that was paralyzed by Biden on his first day in the White House, and has assured that drugs are entering the United States from the border. ., in addition to sexual and human trafficking.

"The reckless policies of this Administration are allowing and encouraging crimes against humanity. Our country is being destroyed!" Cried Trump.