Biden's economic plan to focus 1st on infrastructure this week

Biden will release details in his speech Wednesday in Pittsburgh about his proposal to invest in government


President Joe Biden will launch the first phase of his economic recovery package this week, which will focus on rebuilding roads, bridges and other infrastructure, followed by a separate plan later in April to focus on child and health care.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Sunday that management plans to split the parcel into two legal proposals, as part of efforts to gain support for Republican congressional republics. But he added that "we will work with the Senate and the House to see how it should move forward."

Biden will release details in his speech in Pittsburgh on Wednesday about his proposal for a government investment in tangible infrastructure, an issue that has drawn Republican support despite the need to get a price tag soon after the $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 aid plan was passed.

The Democrats, meanwhile, have been aiming for a broader package that could include policy change on green power, immigration and other issues - and permanently making some of Covid-19's recently passed benefits such as child tax credits. Many are better than the Republicans, if they should.

Psaki told "Fox News Sunday" that the White House had not yet resolved its legislative strategy, "but I will say that I do not think the Republicans in this country think we should be in 13th place in the world as it relates to infrastructure."

"Roads, railways, rebuilding, that's not a problem for organizations," he said.

The proposal was different later in April and would "address the many problems Americans are struggling with - child care, health care costs," Psaki said.

Plans are underway, with the White House recently negotiating a combined $ 3 trillion to grow the economy and improve living conditions, according to a person familiar with the options who insisted on being anonymous in private talks.

"We are still spending all the money, but he will introduce other ways to pay for that, and he is willing to hear opinions from both sides," Psaki said.

The Republicans support a small infrastructure bill focusing on roads and bridges and writing on the size and scope of the entire Biden program as well as its environmental focus. During the presidential campaign, Biden pledged $ 2 trillion in "accelerated" investment to clean up energy, build half a million power stations, support public transport and repair roads and bridges.

The Democrats have used a rapid budget process known as reconciliation to allow Biden's COVID-19 aid program without the support of the Republic.

But the task of passing a comprehensive infrastructure bill in the Senate has split 50-50 with Deputy President Kamala Harris giving the worst vote could be difficult. General Moderate Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., Recently said he would block infrastructure law if Republicans were not included.