Biden's immigration dilemma results in human tragedy. Ted Cruz


Senator Ted Cruz visited the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas on Monday, where some 2,200 unaccompanied minors are currently housed to see first-hand "the Biden border crisis."

This convention center has been turned into a detention center for youth between the ages of 13 and 17," Cruz said at a press conference after completing his tour.

According to the senator, the youth inside the Convention Center is in better condition than the processing centers on the border, especially the one located in Donna, Texas.

Cruz added that, unlike the processing center in Donna, the teens at the convention center are sleeping on cots six feet apart.

According to the senator, he was notified that about four young people managed to escape from the convention center facilities and were later apprehended by the authorities and transferred to another place with greater security.

In his lecture, the senator blamed the Biden administration for provoking the immigration crisis on the southern border by taking three actions during the first week in the Oval Office: slow down the construction of the border wall, reinstate the "Catch and Release" policy, and end the "Stay in Mexico" program, also known as the Migrant Protection Protocol, or MPP.

According to Cruz, the border wall was working to stop illegal crossings and has now been left with large spaces in between, as well as heavy machinery and construction materials. He added that the "Catch and Release" policy is ineffective, stating that very few people appear in immigration court on the date they are summoned.

And he said that "the historic agreement" between Mexico and the United States on the "Stay in Mexico" policy resulted in "historically low crossovers that have not been seen in 45 years." Cruz added that Biden "tore the agreement to pieces" during his first days as president and attributed the large numbers of crosses to the actions of the president and his administration.

Cruz said the current rate of crossing the country's southwestern border is the highest. He added. It is a flood. 

Cruz holds the Biden administration responsible for causing a "humanitarian crisis, a public health crisis, and a national security crisis at the border."

He gave as an example the migrant processing center in Donna where he claimed that almost 10% of the people who were inside the center had tested positive for COVID-19, as well as in Harlingen where groups were testing positive for COVID-19 "seven times. more than the American population. "

The senator also referred to his conversations with a senior CBP official and with the president of the Border Patrol Union during his visit to the Rio Grande Valley on Friday, March 26, saying that both people had had conversations with the team about Biden's transition in which they recommended not to remove the "Stay in Mexico" policy.

Currently, the majority of undocumented immigrants who are detained and deported are adults who crossed the border alone.

Cruz affirmed that now 50% of adult men cross with a minor to reduce the probability of being deported and said that, with DNA tests, it had been confirmed that in 30% of cases, the minor and the adult are not related.

Cruz said he had seen a horrific pattern in which cartel members were engaging children, and many of them had been physically and sexually violated. 

 Cruz said It's shocking, and this has to end.

On the one hand, he mentioned the pattern he saw in 2014 of minors with mutilated fingers and ears so that gang members and cartel members extorted money from the families of the minors and thus get more money from them.

And on the other hand, he commented that, compared to past administrations, it was the first time that access to the media was not allowed to see the conditions of the detention and processing centers. Biden does not want Americans to see the human tragedy and tragedy that his systems have led to the border.

It should be noted that his visit to Dallas came days after leading a delegation of Republican senators to the Rio Grande Valley to "assess the immigration crisis that the Biden administration has caused.