Bill Clinton was discharged after spending five nights hospitalized for an infection.


The 75-year-old former US president has left Irvine Medical Center at the University of California and will continue his antibiotic treatment in New York.

Bill Clinton was released Sunday from a Southern California hospital where he was treated for an infection.

The former US president was discharged from the University of California Irvine Medical Center around 8 a.m.

According to authorities, Clinton, 75, had been admitted to the southeastern Los Angeles hospital Tuesday for an infection unrelated to COVID-19.

" His fever and white blood cell count have returned to normal, and he will return home to New York to finish his course of antibiotics, " reported the medical report.

Live CNN footage showed the former president leaving the facility waving to the cameras and saying goodbye to medical personnel.

On Saturday, Clinton's spokeswoman Ángel Ureña said that Clinton would stay in hospital for another night to receive more intravenous antibiotics.

But all the health indicators were "trending in the right direction," Ureña said.

President Joe Biden said Friday night that he had spoken with Bill Clinton, and the former president sent his regards. Well, it really is, "Biden said in remarks at the University of Connecticut.

An aide to the former president said Clinton had a urological infection that had entered her bloodstream, but she had recovered and never had a septic shock, a potentially fatal problem. A colleague at the hospital, who asked not to be named in a statement to the press, said Clinton was in the intensive care unit but was not receiving intensive care.

Since leaving the White House in early 2001, the former president has had several health incidents. In 2004, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery after prolonged chest pain and difficulty breathing. In 2005 he had surgery on a partially collapsed lung. In 2010, a pair of stents were implanted in a coronary artery.

He lost weight and improved his health after adopting a mainly vegan diet.

He resumed his activities and campaigned for Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Clinton, who failed in 2008 to win the presidential candidacy.

In 2016, when Hillary Clinton again sought to be the Democratic presidential standard-bearer, her husband, then a grandfather and about to turn 70, again actively supported her in the campaign.