Billy Porter, the actor who plays the fairy godmother in the new "Cinderella."


Join Camila Cabello in the new version of the Disney classic. Of course, we already saw him dazzle talent in the series "Pose."

"Bibidi-babidi-bu. " Those charming words uttered the fairy godmother of the long-suffering Cinderella to turn her, at least for one night, into a dream princess. A pumpkin made into a carriage, mice in the shape of humans who served as coachmen, and others transformed into agile horses, were the tricks of this girl's savior abused by her stepmother and stepsisters.

The fairy godmother's appearance in Charles Perrault's tale was a respite for sweet Cinderella to have her special gala before midnight when the enchantment ended. A little shoe lost on the castle stairs and the rest of the story that we all know.

But in these times of female empowerment, when the roles of damsels in distress who dream of the love of a prince charming lose value, the case of the new Cinderella movie shows that even a classic princess can grow up.

In this context, Billy Porter appears, the actor we met in Pose, the HBO series, who overflows with charisma and self-confidence. Also, a singer plays in this film Amazon Prime Video to the fairy godmother, also mentioned in history as Fab G . Porter is also a representative of the LGBTQ movements and the spokesperson for many of the claims of lack of diversity within the film industry.

Directed by Kay Cannon, with Camina Cabello in the role of Cinderella (she is the first Latin actress to play the princess who lost her shoe) and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert, the film comes to impact from the visual and also with this new role porter plays. Because the classics have their positive side, they are part of a history rooted in each of us. Still, they can also have retrograde or outdated ideas on many topics, such as gender.

In statements before the global launch of the film, Billy spoke about this new version, which he assures will be transformative for the new generations: "Magic has no gender, it is not about that, it is about giving love . The fairy godmother spreads love, teaches Cinderella how to love herself first, it's beautiful," said Porter, also known for being the new king of the red carpets. Her wardrobe is super colorful, almost leaving aside the transformation of Cinderella because this fairy godmother knows the world of fashion and how to make an outfit for a girl to shine at a dance.

The film suffered the delays that came from the hand of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, it finally premiered this Friday, September 3, on the platform. The script was written by actor and host James Corden. Minnie Driver completed the cast as Queen Beatrix and Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer as stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, respectively.

Porter will soon be seen behind the scenes directing a teen comedy called To be Real, as he continues to dazzle at every public appearance or awards show. His favorite designer is Christian Siriano, who emerged from the reality show Project Runway in the United States. He is encouraged by Billy's requirements and never points to the classic tuxedo that he usually shows off in finery.

He is a talented person to follow him closely for his courage in proposing new forms of communication, without thinking about what they will say but in his comfort.