Bitcoin Fell to 7 per cent, followed by the US-are held captive, a lot of which is held by the colonial Pipeline

U.S. officials said Monday that they had seized $ 2.3 million in bitcoin, which is paid to the hacker, the DarkSide of a group.


The price of bitcoin dropped again on Tuesday. The reason to move is real, but it could be related to fears related to the security of cryptocurrencies, and the American officers managed to recover a portion of the securities issued by the hacker, which was the Colonial Pipeline.

The court documents state that the software, the investigators were handed over were able to get the passwords from hackers ' bitcoin wallet. The money was in the back, which was created recently by the Washington Task force in response to the increase in cyber-attacks.

The world's biggest cryptocurrency, fell more than 7% at 5 in the morning, eastern time, at a price of $32,952, according to Coin Metrics. The smaller digital coins, both of which dropped, however, after prices fell 7 percent to $2,524 and XRP lost about 6 per cent.

The digital part of the banner is expected in April of this year, with Bitcoin surpassing $ 60,000 for the first time. However, the recent slump in cryptocurrency prices has shaken the confidence of the market. The Bitcoin dropped almost $ 30,000 in the last month and is currently at the bottom of what might be said to be at 50% of its all-time high.

The Digital currency has now gone up in price by 14% since the beginning of the year, despite the fact that it has more than tripled compared to the previous year.

On Monday, the united states, law enforcement officials said they seized $ 2.3 million in bitcoin to be paid to the DarkSide, the cybercrime gang behind the devastating cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

According to the court document, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to get into the "private key" or password, a new one for the Bitcoin hackers-purses. Bitcoin has been, and often the currency of choice for hackers, who demand the payments made to pay for the use of the information, and the malicious software known as"ransomware"."

Crypto media outlet to Decrypt it was reported that there were unfounded rumors that the attack is the third largest bitcoin exchange, wallet, got "hacked", which can't be done.

DarkSide, which reportedly made $ 90 million, the third largest bitcoin exchange, buy-backs prior to the closing, a so-called "ransomware-as-service" business model, in which the hackers to prepare and sell the ransomware tool, and the selling associated with them-to people who are involved, in order to then carry out the attack.

According to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, the means to be taken as a part of the portion of the DarkSide partner, remember to be paid to the Cbd.

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John Hultqvist, vice president of analysis, and the Mandiant Threat Intelligence system, called the move "a very welcome development."

"It was clear to us that we need to use multiple tools in order to stop the waves, this is a serious problem, as well as law enforcement agencies will need to expand its strategy to create a case against the criminals, who may not be in the team," Hultqvist said.