Black and analysts to challenge the race prejudice of the industry and the need for a change in the system

It is basically the isolated assessment of the industry, with 78,000, and 85% are white, with no 2% of the assessors to identify as black.


Michael Tidwell didn't like the fact that the report on the evaluation of a large commercial real estate in Los Angeles, california, where men are dominant, which was rejected by the bank examiner, who insisted on the fact that this region is very highly rated.

Tidwell, in a black-and expert, and head of valuation and advisory services at a global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, said it took several months to complete, front to back, in order that this matter should be directed to the bank's senior management before they got to the end of the initial assessment.

"The reviewer does not respect for the community, as he thought," Oh, this is such a hard part of town. It is a crime of violence, and so forth. This is a place that will not be able to make money," he said. "It's frustrating, because when you're doing your job, or if you know the value of a society in which anyone who is not a part of this community, and often see this."

Tidwell is in a small and a large part of it is, assessment of the industry, which has 78,000 people, the members of which are already in the 85% white, with at least 2% of the assessors to identify as black.

The industry, the assessment will continue to be critical of racial bias against black homeowners, as in the case of the Indianapolis, the homeowner, who, after the gossip of her race, was the cost is more than twice as high as that of the two previous ones, to estimate where the race was known as the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, as a non-profit organization that has submitted an apartment for a discrimination claim on behalf of a woman. Three evaluations were carried out by a different company, with the first valued at $ 125,000 - $ 110,000, and the third, which is $ 259,000, and then he asked a white friend to his brother.

But the black-and analysts are also difficult to deal with these issues, both within the industry. Many people say that, even if the gaps, the product price is a symptom of a more serious racial issues, challenges, and obstacles, with the profession is the apprenticeship model-which makes it all the more difficult for people of color to get out, would be one of the ways to diversify the business's objective.

The race to the assessment of bias, and it is a well-documented common problems during a long period of time increased, and the well-being of black families and, in many ways, it has been associated with the it's time to race in prices that affect the modern values, and the race of the analysts' assumptions about the neighborhoods that define the method for the evaluation of the results of their research, published some time ago in the journal of Social Issues.

Studies have shown that, from the 1980s to the year of 2015, in a house with a white block, valued at nearly $ 200,000 more expensive than that of a comparison to the house, which is similar to the coloured communities.