Blinken warned that the US is prepared to take action against Russia.


Blinken warned that the US is prepared to take action against Russia.

The head of US diplomacy said diplomacy is preferable. However, he assured that Joe Biden "made it very clear" to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that they are ready to take actions that they have "refrained from taking in the past."

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, assured this Sunday that his country is prepared to take the measures that it refrained from adopting in the past against Russia if that country invades Ukraine.

"We are studying and are prepared to take the kind of measures we have refrained from taking in the past, " Blinken said in an interview on "Meet the Press" program chain NBC.

The head of US diplomacy assured that this was "made very clear" by US President Joe Biden, to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and himself to his counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Blinken admitted, however, that the "preferable" is "diplomacy, dialogue, and de-escalation."

"If Russia moves in that direction, we can avoid another crisis," he said.

Asked about the possibility that Germany has suspended operations on the Russian Nordstream 2 gas pipeline, which has not yet begun operations and aims to deliver gas from Russia to German territory, Blinken said: Admittedly, this is a source of influence in Moscow.

This Sunday, the G7, the club of the world's richest democracies, consolidated its position to jointly confront Russia's alleged intent to invade Ukraine and threatened Moscow if it became hostile. If he moves, he will have to pay a heavy price.

"Russia must have no doubt that a new military aggression against Ukraine will have far-reaching consequences and a heavy price to pay," G7 members: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and European countries besides Canada

In the text, the coalition urges Putin to "reduce ties, resort to diplomatic means and respect his international commitments on transparency in military activities."

The US and Ukraine believe that Russia is preparing an incursion into Ukrainian territory that could occur in early 2022, and that is why it has deployed between 70,000 and 94,000 Russian soldiers on its border with the neighboring country, according to estimates by US intelligence and Kyiv.

The Russian government denies this and has warned, for its part, of the danger of generating a new missile crisis in Europe, which is why it demands that NATO refrain from placing modern weapons in Ukraine.

In its statement today, the G7 wanted to set a clear red line on the inviolability of the borders of sovereign states, be they those of Ukraine or those of any other country.