Blinken welcomed the measures taken by Colombia in the face of the challenge of Venezuelan migration


Blinken welcomed the measures taken by Colombia in the face of the challenge of Venezuelan migration: "It is a model for the world."

The US Secretary of State has highlighted the actions of the Duque Government in front of, referring to tools such as the Temporary Statute of Protection, which allows Venezuelans to stay ten years in Colombian territory.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, highlighted on Wednesday Colombia's response to Venezuela's "migration challenge" and assured that it is a "model for the world" while pointing to the country as "one of the allies most important ”of Washington.

The head of US diplomacy expressed this in a press conference with the Colombian president, Iván Duque, at Casa Nariño, to which he has attended to meet with the authorities after passing through Ecuador.

At the table at Blinken's meeting with the Colombian president and the foreign minister and vice president, María Lucía Ramírez, various topics have been discussed, such as the migration crisis of people from Venezuela and Haiti, the fight against drug trafficking, and defense of Human Rights or the implementation of the 2016 Peace Accords, among others.

Regarding migration, the secretary has welcomed the actions of the Duque government in the face of the Venezuelan “migratory challenge,” referring to measures such as the Temporary Protection Statute, which allows Venezuelans to stay ten years in Colombian territory.

"It is simply a model for the region and in many ways a model for the world," he applauded, to point to the need to address the causes of migration in this and other countries from which many of the migrants come who, precisely, pass through Colombia on their way to the United States, picks up the Colombian media 'El Tiempo'.

“The underlying causes of irregular migration must be addressed. We stand ready to address these issues and allocate significant resources to help countries that are being generous as hosts of migrants from the United States. We must have a shared responsibility beyond our borders ”, he has advocated. Colombia faces a migratory crisis on its border in Panama, where thousands of people accumulate in their attempt to cross into the United States.


The Peace Accords have been another of the topics discussed by the leaders. Blinken has asserted that the United States "values" the pacts and "their implementation" while saying that it sees "notable progress in political participation, the demobilization of guerrillas or the establishment of a Truth Commission."

However, the Secretary of State has recognized the "challenge of making further progress" to "strengthen the presence of the State in rural regions." "On the one hand, there is good progress that can be seen in the implementation, but there is hard work that lies ahead of us," he added.

On the other hand, Blinken has expressed its concern about the growing violence of the armed groups operating in the country. It has expressed its rejection of the response of the security forces in some situations. In this sense, he recalled the violence in the framework of the protests of the National Strike, in which around thirty people lost their lives.

Blinken has thus called for “accountability for the most serious human rights violations and abuses committed during the country's conflict, for the abuses committed in response to this year's protests and, of course, accountability by those responsible for the attacks on human rights defenders, journalists, and other civil society leaders.”

The Colombian president has answered these statements, guaranteeing that police violence is not allowed in the country or violence against the public force.


Drug trafficking was another of the central issues in the meeting between Duque and Blinken. They, at the press conference, advocated a joint response and recognized that it is necessary to "reduce the demand for narcotics in the United States" to alleviate the activity. Illicit.

The US secretary has remarked that action against drug trafficking should focus on "attacking its roots" with "investment in prevention and recovery of those who fight against addiction," the US secretary has remarked.

Likewise, he has agreed with Duque that behind this problem lies the "fuel" of the armed groups in Colombian territory. They have stressed that confronting these structures is also a priority in this matter.

After concluding the meeting between the leaders, the president of Colombia has assured that Blinken's visit "is a sign of the solidity" of the "historical relationship of 200 years with the United States" and "ratifies the joint and permanent work with the president, Joe Biden, who sees in Colombia a friend and one of the most important allies in the region.”

On the other hand, Duque has highlighted that the country is projected on many fronts in which it has received "decided" support from the United States, including the COVID-19 pandemic. ! I once again express our gratitude for the vaccines that the United States has donated to us ”, he added.