Booker Throws His Hat Into The Presidental Arena—Does He Have What It Takes?

source: The 74

The Democratic field of Presidential hopefuls just grew one candidate larger.  Senator Cory Booker has officially announced his bid for the race for the White House, and to become the second black president of the United States.  He announced his candidacy, coinciding with the first day of Black History Month, releasing a video titled “We Will Rise.”

In the video, the candidate presented his message of unity, and that the building of a country that leaves no one behind is indeed possible.  That parents will be able to put food on the table because every neighborhood will have good paying jobs with even better benefits.  Where the country is kept safe by the proper operation of the justice system, and that we will once again look at our elected officials with pride. 

The video seems to be setting the tone of Booker’s campaign, in an effort to counter President Trump’s own.  Many see Trump's tone as one of divisive, base-focused politics, stating that he takes a hard look at big-picture themes containing common purpose and that love can overcome any political division.  In short, he is saying that all these attributes are bad, and he is going to run his campaign to convince voters of the fact. 

In an interview in 2017, with NPR, Booker expressed that he intends to meet hate with love and darkness with light.  He went on to say that he felt that the country is truly at a moral crossroads and that only by not pointing fingers and enforcing the values that are believed in are we going to achieve the change needed.

As part of his grand announcement on this past Friday, Booker set up several media interviews with local tv and radio stations.  He targeted those interviews to those who had primarily a black or Latino following, including The Tom Joyner Morning Show as well as The View.

Booker has long since been considered by many on the left as a viable candidate to challenge Trump.  He has a definite attack strategy, including early visits to primary states in 2017 such as Iowa and New Hampshire.  While there, he took the opportunity to campaign for fellow local Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. 

 His many trips left a favorable impression with many professionals in the political arena.  One such professional stated that Booker’s stand on building a message of unity plays well with the country, considering how tired Americans are of being divided. 

So, what's the verdict—you decide.

Is there a chance that Booker could very well be elected our next president?