Boris Johnson Insists That Theresa May Should Step Down Regardless Of Brexit Outcome -- Will She Give Up Before?

Brexit is dominating the conversation with an uncertain future for the place of the United Kingdom in Europe. Boris Johnson blames Theresa May for the chaos.

source: Daily Express

Boris Johnson has it out for Theresa May and does not seem to have any plans to back down soon. 

Less than a day after backing May’s new Brexit deal, Johnson has now referred to it as “dead” and has continued to insist that May should step down from her position. 

It does not look like Johnson even cares about the outcome of the Brexit deal so much at this point, as his main intention has been to attack May.

The prime minister has been trying to push the Brexit deal through at an accelerated pace, with a deciding vote that will determine the outcome of the situation. 

However, Johnson has already rushed to call the deal “dead,” and has demanded the resignation of May. 

According to reports, Johnson does not even seem concerned with what will happen to the country with regards to Brexit. He has his sights firmly fixed on May’s resignation.

According to analysts, the country could face significant trouble if the vote fails to go through. 

A lot is on the table right now, with great speculation regarding the motivations of the various people involved in the Brexit ordeal, as well as the potential for the deal to go through in the first place.

Many eyes remain fixed on the vote, with various people questioning the outcome of the previous voting and the way the new developments are being presented to the public. 

It remains to be seen how this will affect Great Britain as a whole in the long run.

May has stated: "What I want to do today is strongly encourage colleagues of mine from the Conservative Party and other parties to back the Prime Minister's deal so we can get on with the next stage of negotiations which is the really important part of us being able to secure a good trade deal with the EU."

She also explained: "I'm a free trader, I believe that we need to open our economy to the rest of the world, I would like to see us do a Canada-style free trade deal once we have left the EU." 

Do you think May is right or wrong for leaving?