Boy, 11, Charged With The Murder Of Married New Hampshire Couple -- Lizette And James Ecker; Why The Silence From Cops?

An 11-year-old boy from New Hampshire has been arrested after fatally shooting Lizette and James Eckert, a popular couple in the Alton community. 

source: Concord Monitor

In New Hampshire, the murder of Lizette and James Eckert, 50 and 48 respectively, drew a lot of attention when it came to light that the person responsible for the heinous act was only 11 years old. 

The couple was gunned down in their own home in the early morning. 

James Eckert was still alive at the time responding officers reached the scene, but he passed from his injuries later during the day.

The proceeding investigation quickly drew authorities to the boy, and he was arrested a couple of hours later. 

Police have not released any additional information about the case, despite many people questioning the incident actively right now. 

Many questions remain unanswered, such as the relationship the boy had with the couple and his reason for committing the crime.

The town remains in shock from the act, and many of its residents seem to have not yet fully recovered mentally from what they had experienced. 

Most seem shocked about the age of the killer, and there are currently several prominent theories circulating the local community that attempt to explain what might have happened.

So far though, investigation on the case has been relatively low-key, with few public announcements made by the officers involved.

Some have speculated that this might indicate a more serious problem behind the scenes, but this remains unconfirmed as of now. 

There have also been comments calling for the release of more information, with claims that the silence from the authorities’ side could further fuel negative speculations in the public.

Terri Hoyt, a resident, told a local news outlet: "I don’t think anyone in this town expected an 11-year-old boy to do something like that. We’re all shocked. We’re all sad. We’re all just in awe over the fact that it was here that it happened."

Gertrude Hammond, director of religious education and youth ministry at St. Katharine Drexel Parish in Alton, also shared: "We were unprepared. We just don’t know what to say about it. They were here last weekend for our annual parish bingo. They were here for Mass. They were here for youth night. The boys are altar servers. They’re just an integral part of the parish."

Do you think authorities are right or wrong for being so tight-lipped about the whole situation?