Brazil President Bolsonaro Insults French First Lady on Facebook -- Is That Too Far?

source: Pixabay

French President Emmanuel Macron rebuked Brazilian colleague Jair Bolsonaro for the ''extraordinary rude'' comments the far-right leader made about Mrs. Macron over the weekend.

A Bolsonaro supporter wrote on Facebook that the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron, 65, was not as attractive as her Brazilian counterpart, Michelle Bolsonaro, 37. The supporter did not stop here but also suggested that maybe that was the reason why Macron was persecuting the Brazil head of state. 

Bolsonaro joined the discussion online replying: ''

During a press conference at the G7 meeting in Biarritz, France, Macron commented that it was said first for Bolsonaro himself and then for the Brazilians. Brazilian women should be ashamed of their President, Macron added.

He also highlighted his deep respect towards the Brazilian nation, hoping that very soon they will have another President who knows to behave.

During the press conference, Macron also recalled that when he met Bolsonaro for the first time, he promised to do his best for reforestation and the Paris Agreement commitments so that we can sign the Mercosur deal. Soon after that, he does the opposite, noted Macron. 

Macron also mentioned about another incident when Bolsonaro called off a scheduled meeting with the French Foreign Minister citing an ''urgent meeting.'' Later that day, he went live on Facebook to show how he gets his hair cut.

The diplomatic clash between France and Brazil escalated earlier this month as forest fires swept through the Amazon. The French President tweeted that ''our house is on fire,'' calling it a global, not a local crisis. He also criticized Brazil for the mismanagement of the Amazon.

Going further, Macron emphasized that the fires are getting closer to the French overseas territory of French Guiana in South America. The island is France biggest land border; therefore, the region is of particular importance to Paris. In return, Bolsonaro accused him of having a ''colonial mentality.''

The Brazilian head of state has a proven track record of making abusive comments about women, including family members. In 2014, during a heated discussion in the parliament, he told a congresswoman that he would not rape her just because she did not deserve it.

In 2017, talking about his family at a public event, he admitted that after having four boys, he ''weakened'' and that is how his daughter was born.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose the statement that Jair Bolsonaro should apologize to the French First Lady?