Brazil's New President Picks USA for Its First Overseas Tour. What Would Trump Say?

Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro to meet later Tuesday to discuss the new bilateral agreements and the possibilities to solve the crisis in Venezuela

source: Pixabay

The recently-elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, arrived in the US Monday to foster the bilateral ties and to meet President Trump for the first time in person. Both heads of state would shake hands later Tuesday in the White House.

Bolsonaro started his US visit with an unusual visit to the CIA headquarters, becoming the first Brazil President to come to Langley. In his tweet afterward, he praised the CIA as one of the most respected intelligence services worldwide. 

The unexpected move would probably raise eyebrows back home in Brazil. The Latin American country has been suspicious about the US and its spy agencies since 2013 when leaks from Edward Snowden revealed some conversations of then-President Dilma Rousseff by the National Security Agency. 

Among the first Brazilian politicians to raise a voice against the visit was Celso Amorim, who used to serve as a foreign minister under the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. In Amorim's words, the CIA trip only showed ''the explicitly submissive position'' of Bolsonaro towards Trump.

The CIA declined comments on the visit.

Bolsonaro had clearly shown his positive attitude towards the US during his campaign. Moreover, he has been a long-term admirer of President Trump. He has often been quoted to say that he would like to have a great Brazil just as Trump wanted to make America great again.

Furthermore, during his speech to the American Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Bolsonaro described how he had to deal with the ongoing ''fake news'' campaigns from established news outlets.

The speech came after both parties signed bilateral agreements, one of which would allow Washington to use Brazil’s Alcantara Aerospace Launch Base for its satellites. Brazil also agreed to end the visa requirements for U.S. tourists.

Asked to comment on the upcoming meeting with President Trump Tuesday, Bolsonaro said that he was the first Brazil President who comes to   Washington as a friend of the country. Both Heads of State would discuss a wide range of issues of mutual interest, including the opportunities for US investments in Brazil and the political crisis in neighboring Venezuela.

Bolsonaro would also rely on Trump's assistance to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and to boost trade. Brazil is also trying to decrease the public-sector spending and to privatize state companies to reduce debt.

According to senior officials in the White House, the US might invest in Brazil's new energy infrastructure. Also, as Brazil has always had a close relationship with Venezuela's military, it might be able to apply pressure on Nicolas Maduro to relinquish power, the officials commented. 

What do you think? Are you positive about the new page of the US-Brazil bilateral relations?