Britain's Top Diplomat Calls Trump's Administration ''Inept'' -- Does He Have a Point?

source: Pixabay

In leaked secret cables, published in Mail on Sunday, Sir Kim Darroch, Britain's ambassador to Washington, D.C., has labeled the Trump administration "inept, incompetent, and insecure."

The ambassador also said that our administration under Trump was "uniquely dysfunctional and divided." In his correspondence with the homeland, Darroch even seriously doubted whether the White House would ever look "competent."

Although the Foreign Office has not denied the accuracy of the cables, it called the leak ''mischievous." President Trump has not commented on the British allegations yet.

Britain's Justice Secretary David Guake said in a statement that it was vital for the ambassadors to provide accurate, honest, and unvarnished advice back home. According to Guake, London and British taxpayers expect ambassadors to say the truth the way they see it. He also pointed out that the views of the ambassadors do not necessarily represent the views of the government. However, he condemned the leak saying it was a disgraceful act.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit party and one of the Donald Trump's closest allies across the pond, has criticized the British ambassador for his comments. Farage even went on further on Twitter, saying that Darroch was no longer suitable for the job and advised him to resign.

The leaked messages dated back to the beginning of 2017, The Mail on Sunday noted and most likely, a person within Britain's sprawling civil service distributed the correspondence to the press.

In one of his latest dispatches dated June 22, ambassador Darroch discussed Trump's foreign policy on Iran, labeling it "incoherent" and "chaotic."  

According to Sir Darroch, Trump's explanations that he canceled retaliatory missile strikes against Tehran because it risked killing 150 Iranian citizens, ''did not stand up." In Darroch's view, Trump was more concerned about how a potential attack against Iran would affect his 2020 campaign.

The news about the leaked diplomatic correspondence comes in times when Prime Minister Theresa May leaves office after the lawmakers rejected her proposed Brexit deal. 

It is not clear yet who would take her chair. Boris Johnson, a vivid Brexit supporter and a supporter of Trump is among the front runners.

Facing Brexit, London is now trying to strengthen its economic and trade ties with Washington. However, Trump's politics in Iran and his skepticism toward NATO have made reaching a bilateral agreement a challenge.

What is your opinion about the leaked cables? Do you support or oppose Britain's ambassadors' statement that our administration is ''inept?''