Britney Spears Father Controls Every Aspect Of Her Life—Including Getting Married

Since her very public mental breakdown, it would seem Britney Spears no longer has control of her own life.

source: Entertainment Tonight

Through the years, Britney has undeniably had her ups and her downs—well, more downs than ups.  However, when she recently decided to get her life back on track, she did it with the support of her father Jamie Spears. 

Well, that and the fact that he was appointed her conservator, and as such makes all the significant decisions in her life until further notice.

Britney, 37, has been enjoying happiness with her current beau, fitness model and 25-year-old Sam Asghari.  The pop-singer and model have been dating for more than two years, and Britney indeed appears happy in the relationship.

This is where sweet ol' daddy enters the scene.  If by chance Britney feels that Sam is the "one," she will not be able to take the wedding plunge and marry him unless she gets prior approval from her father.  This is not in the sense of the old-timey approaching the parents and asking for permission; this is the legal kind as in he has control and says yes or no.

Although most already knew, from earlier reports, Jamie Spears had been appointed a conservator over Britney.  This usually entails control over her finances, for her own best interests.  However, it would seem in this case that Jamie also has control over Britney's life decision, and as such has to give Britney permission to marry.

A source told UsWeekly:  “Britney can’t get married unless Jamie approves it.  And it seems Jamie is not inclined to give his approval, because he sees it would only serve to create complicated legal issues.”

Jamie, who himself is currently reported as suffering from a life-threatening health issue, was appointed Britney's conservator in 2008 after she had a very public mental health breakdown.

As if having to ask Jamie for permission to marry, there is also the fact that if Britney decides she wants another child, that also has to be approved by dear ol daddy as well.  When first assigned the position, Jamie was co-conservator with Andrew Wallet, a lawyer for the entertainer’s estate.  

However, The Blast reported that the co-conservators had a parting of the way last week, and Jamie is the only remaining individual in charge.  In a nutshell, Jamie Spears now has complete and total control over his daughter's finances and life decisions.  Britney has to go through her father for everything, and we mean everything until his conservatorship is lifted by the courts.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Should Jamie be able to have such a choking hold on Britney’s life decisions—such as marriage and children?