Brits Are Hedging Bets On Just Which Name The Newest Royal Will Get—Will Harry Honor Diana?

Many are betting on the newest member of the royal family, as many feel that Harry will honor Diana with the child's naming.

source: Tracy Few

Not many things in this life is a given, but one we know for sure is that when it comes time to name their babies, the British Royal family never gets in a rush.  We have confirmation that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan now have a bouncing baby boy.  And with this announcement begins the rumors and speculations as to what name the Royals will choose for the newest family member.

With the entire British family being known to take their time in naming their children, and Harry and Meghan have been ones to do everything pretty much at their own pace, it is pretty much expected that they will take their time on this as well.

With all that said, the British legal bookmakers are already at work, placing odds on which name will be chosen.  As of Tuesday, the names that are showing the most interest are those of Alexander, James, and Arthur.  Also in the speculation mix is the possible name of Spencer, maiden name of Princess Diana, Harry’s mother.

Many believe that Spencer will figure into the naming, whether as a first or last name, as a way in which Harry can honor his mother, the late Princess Diana.  As anyone who is anyone can recall, the Princess died in 1997 from injuries sustained in a car crash in Paris.  Harry was only twelve years old when she passed. 

Harry spoke, before marrying Meghan last year, that he wanted in some way to pay tribute to his mother’s memory, and this may very well be the moment he chooses to do just that.  There are those who suspect that Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, will go the route of choosing a name that will pay homage to and reflect her American heritage.

Baby Sussex, as the infant is currently being referred to, was born early Monday morning.  There has been no forthcoming word from the couple or Kensington Palace as to whether the birth occurred at home or in the hospital.  Harry had said that when the child's birth was announced, he and Meghan had been "thinking" of baby names and hinted that the naming may come as early as Wednesday.

The couple does intend to pose in a picture with the newest royal, and post said photo to their Instagram account.  The naming of the godparents, according to the couple, will also come at a future date.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will Harry indeed honor his mother by incorporating Spencer into the infant's name?