Broadway is preparing to reopen cinemas. Luis Miranda, an activist and theater producer


Broadway is preparing to reopen cinemas.

Luis Miranda, an activist and theater producer, spoke exclusively with Infobae in New York and gave details about his family's projects in show business.

Luis Miranda is a man proud of his family and one of the most critical producers on Broadway. His son, Lin Manuel, is the creator of " Hamilton, "the most successful musical in US history. He is sitting in a park in front of his house (the same 40 years ago), located in the Inwood neighborhood, New York, a place inhabited chiefly by Hispanic or Latino citizens.

Luis stopped his work maelstrom and spoke with Infobae. He defines himself as someone authentic who fights for the common good and feels that politics is part of his life. He was very close to Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now current President Joe Biden. He also worked with Hillary Clinton and other senators whom he helped in various campaigns in New York.

After a long time, the city he loves so much, New York, returns little by little to regular, to its vibrant life. And the great news is that theaters reopen. As of September 14, Broadway will reopen its doors to the public: they will ask for a vaccination certificate, and spectators must wear a mask during the performance in a capacity that will be 100%, without any reduction in seats. This was exclusively confirmed by Luis Miranda, who was the producer of Hamilton, a work that won dozens of Tony Awards and a Pulitzer.

Luis believes that the public will gradually gain confidence to return to the theaters and hope that they will work before the pandemic. In addition, due to the high production costs, it ensures that it is tough to sustain a Broadway play without the entire audience.

In his role as a Hispanic activist, he assured that former President Donald Trump is a "troglodyte" with whom he would never speak and to whom he would only greet him out of respect. He says that Cuba and Venezuela are dictatorships that must allow the people to express themselves, and he expressed his solidarity with the people who live in those countries.

Given the authorities' concern for a high percentage of people who do not want to be vaccinated, Luis asked citizens to get vaccinated, not to believe false information, and speak with local or federal authorities to receive the dose.

On the other hand, he confirmed that several companies of the work "Hamilton, the musical" in different parts of the world simultaneously. He also spoke about the film adaptation of another successful play by his son, " In the Heights, " and about " Vivo, " an animated film that stars Gloria Estefan and Lin Manuel Miranda.

The Miranda family bought the Drama Books book business in an iconic New York location after its former owners went bankrupt by the pandemic. The Miranda family rescued the bookstore. In addition, the family has a foundation through which they support independent theater productions and the careers of Hispanic actors and actresses.

Broadway is back Luis, what is the expectation of that?

On the one hand, look at the enthusiasm and joy of having many people in the same place feel the emotion of artists on stage to give you the best production they can provide you.

In other words, the protocol would be, on the one hand, confirmation of vaccination, more mask, and you are going to enable all the seats, or are there going to be some that do not?

At first, that will happen organically because people are going to start going to Broadway little by little.

When you talk about Hispanics today, what difference is there in what happened in the Trump administration, Biden, how is the Hispanic society that you accompany from work and other issues today?

We are talking about the difference between day and night. Trump is a troglodyte, he is a man who hates the Latino community, and that his presentation and the political platform is that people with colors and who come from other places that are not predominantly white countries are damaging our culture and are damaging our country, That's Trump's platform that's the platform of all the madmen he's with. We now have an inclusive government. We have seen more African-Americans, more Latinos than in any other government.

What would you say to the public to the people who follow you? Well, you are an activist, but what would you say to the public?

The first thing I would tell you is that they have to be vaccinated, that if they have not been vaccinated, read, talk to experts, talk with their relatives, and get vaccinated. Because until we have the majority of our society vaccinated, we will not have the freedom we previously had to enjoy the arts, sports, politics, and family life. So I think the most important message right now is to get vaccinated and take care of yourself.