Burger King Offers Man Free Meals After Ordeal In Their Restaurant—Then They Take The Offer Back

source: Fox News

Imagine if you will being locked in a public bathroom stall with no way to get out unless someone hears your urgent pleas for rescue.  Probably everyone’s worst nightmare—right?  Well, this very nightmare came true for one individual and in of all places the bathroom stall of the fast food restaurant franchise Burger King.

On December 15th, 2018 50-year-old Curtis Brooner was enjoying a mean at his local Portland, Oregan Burger King when he had to visit the facilities.  What no one knew at the time was that Brooner was trapped in the bathroom stall of the fast food restaurant for at least an hour. 

When the employees of the restaurant learned of his predicament, a locksmith was called to the scene and Brooner had to wait until the stall door could be unlocked.  In the meantime, Brooner reported that he could hear various employees of the restaurant snickering and laughing about his somewhat embarrassing predicament. 

After attempting to free himself with a fly swatter an employee slide under the door to him, Brooner only succeeded in cutting his hand.  Brooner’s attorney, Michael Fuller, realizes that many may laugh and poke fun at his client's misfortune, but he was quick to remind readers that there is nothing to be seen as funny or humorous about being locked in a dank bathroom stall for an hour.

Upon being freed from the stall, the restaurant's manager offered Brooner a pretty good deal, that of free meals for life at that particular Burger King location.  I guess you could say this is the epitome of “Having It Your Way.”  Brooner took the offer and proceeded to eat at the franchise twice a day for the next thirteen days.  That is until a regional manager voided the offer and denied Brooner his free food on December 28th.

Unwilling to let the issue stand, Brooner officially filed a civil suit that demanded he either be reinstated his free meals, or be reimbursed for the amount of a whopper each day for his calculated life expectancy.  With the average cost of a whopper being around $7.89 multiplied by the calculated life expectancy of the 50-year-old of 8030 days (22 years) then Burger King could be looking at a payout of close to $9,026.  

In the overall scheme of things, this is not a lot of compensation for the humiliation and mental anguish the man has and will continue to suffer from this incident.  Who knows where this will all lead, but if I were Burger King I would just give the man his free meals. 

Is Burger King being unreasonable?  Should they just give him what their manager offered to begin with?