By a narrow margin of votes, New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy was re-elected.


The predictable victory gives Joe Biden and his government a break after the defeat suffered in the state of Virginia on Tuesday.

The governor of New Jersey, Democrat Phil Murphy, was re-elected to the job by a narrow margin, providing a respite for the party and US President Joe Biden after his candidate's defeat in Virginia on Tuesday.

With 90% of the votes counted, Murphy obtained 50.03% compared to 49.22% for Republican Jack Ciattarelli, that is, a difference of fewer than 20,000 votes, even though pre-election polls gave Murphy a significant advantage of eight points, according to the count collected by the New York Times and which are collected, with slight differences, by other media such as the Fox network.

However, Ciattarell has not yet admitted his defeat. His communication director, Stami Williams, has warned on Twitter that "it is irresponsible for the media to give these results when the New Jersey Secretary of State does not even know how many votes remain to be counted.".

Ciattarelli himself warned last night that they were demanding "that all valid votes be counted one by one" after having turned the vote upside down, which had begun in the early hours of yesterday to show much more comfortable results for Murphy.

The pre-election polls gave the outgoing governor a clear advantage, based above all on the approval of his strict health policies to combat COVID. Still, in the end, it seems that it has been fiscal policy - Ciattarell's battlefield - that has taken away a lot of support.

The Democratic victory was taken for granted in New Jersey because Biden achieved 16 points more than Trump in the last presidential elections. In the state, registered Democratic voters outnumbered Republicans by more than a million.

This gives an idea of ​​the wear and tear suffered by the Democrats. The New York Times attributes that the Democrats have lost sight of one of the main issues of popular discontent: the high cost of living.

Biden himself confirmed this when referring to the results of Virginia on Wednesday: "People are angry and uncertain about many things, from the covid to schools or jobs (...) and the cost of a gallon of gasoline", he acknowledged, before promising that "you are going to see a good number of things improve quickly."

The US Republican Party regained the Governor of Virginia on Tuesday in a setback for US President Joe Biden, who almost a year ago won that state over his predecessor, Donald Trump, by ten percentage points, according to the projections of the leading media.

The networks CNN, ABC, and NBC, win Republican Glenn Youngkin, a businessman with no political experience who has influenced parents' parents in schools, a central theme of his campaign and facing Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who has already governed. The state between 2014 and 2018.