California becomes the second country to require inspiring shots for health workers

Gov. Gavin Newsom said the requirement is part of a comprehensive plan that will be explained in detail on Wednesday.


Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that California will need health workers to acquire the Covid vaccine, which is part of a broader program to combat the recent increase in cases of coronavirus.

"As Omicron grows, we are taking immediate steps to protect the people of California and ensure that our hospitals are in good condition," Newsom, Democrat, tweeted, adding that he would provide details of the entire strategy on Wednesday.

California will be the second district to authorize photographs that promote health workers. New Mexico issued a similar order this month, requiring health workers to receive stimulant doses before Jan. 17.

Many provinces need health workers to get vaccinated; New Mexico was the first to approve promotional shots.

The appellate court last week reaffirmed the need for vaccination by Biden management for health care workers employed by the organisation's funded institutions. But administrative law is still suspended in almost every province due to legal challenges.

California had the first American confirmed case of variant of the highly infectious omicron of coronavirus in early December. The Centers for Disease Control Prevention said at the time the man was "a traveler returning from South Africa" ​​on Nov. 22.

Since then, the opposite has spread rapidly across the country. It has accounted for more than 73 percent of new cases since Friday, according to the CDC.

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the federal government would set up new testing centers nationwide, with more than 500 million home inspection systems from next month.

He also urged people to get booster shots if they qualify, warning that those who have not been vaccinated face the risk of serious illness.

"If you are not completely vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned" about the new diversity, Biden told a White House address. "You are at high risk of getting sick. And if you are sick, you may be spreading it to others, including friends and family."

But, he added, "if you are among the most fully vaccinated Americans, and especially if you get a booster shot, that third shot, you have a lot, very little cause for concern. You have a very high level of protection against serious diseases."