California Equestrian Robert Gage Commits Suicide After Receiving Permanent Ban -- Was He Wronged?

California equestrian Robert Gage has taken his own life after being permanently banned from the sport that made him a household name. Was he wronged by some?

source: Instagram

 In a tragic turn of events, famous California equestrian Robert Gage has taken his own life after being permanently banned from his favorite sport. 

The ban came as a result of allegations over sexual misconduct with minors, although it is not clear if there was ever any actual conviction over the incident.

The racer has reportedly killed himself in his own home, and it is not known whether he has left any final note or any explanation for his actions. 

The man was earlier accused of multiple counts of sexual abuse against minors, although this was reportedly the result of an internal investigation of the horse racing organization itself, and was not conducted in any official capacity.

He was sanctioned with a permanent ban as a result of the findings, in a move that was widely criticized for not following standard legal practices. 

There were rumors that Gage might have been planning to appeal the decision, but nothing came out of that in the end.

Reports from people close to the rider claim that he was suffering greatly from the allegations, and was seemingly in denial that he had ever done anything wrong. 

The truth will likely never surface at this point after the man has decided to end his own life. 

Authorities have been relatively quiet about their investigation into the suicide, although it is likely that more information will come out at some point soon. 

There are no investigations into angles other than the apparent suicide, although this remains to be confirmed.

Emily Karp, a friend of Mr. Gage, said his entourage was saddened over the allegations against him and added: “[Gage] was fighting SafeSport for allegations against him back in the late ’70s, early ’80s. It was very depressing to him, and it was wearing him down, especially on social media. It was like cyberbullying. Many people didn’t know the whole story and didn’t know him. It was pretty devastating to him.”

Earlier this year, the US Center for SafeSport, announced their decision to ban the athlete via a statement by their spokesman Dan Hill who told

Do you think Gage was wronged, yes or no?