California youngsters carry a wall to protect the dogs in the back yard

No injuries were reported near the home east of Los Angeles. Young people say they do it to protect their dogs.


A teenager from South California pushed a bear against a wall after meeting dogs at a family home over the weekend.

The incident at the foot of the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles, was found in a home surveillance video.

Hailey Morinico thought his dogs were barking at other dogs, or squirrels, but he discovered that it was a bear and two kids barking at them.

"I was like 'Oh my God, there's a bear, and it takes my dog. It picks it up from the ground,'" Hailey told Los Angeles.

The video shows bears walking on a wall outside a home in Bradbury, the mountainous city of Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains.

The dogs run to the bear and start barking, the lambs back away, and the bear appears to swipe and pick up the little dog before Hailey runs and pushes the bear, which falls to the wall on the other side.

"The dog caught by the bear, is a child," Hailey told the station. "I have to protect the baby."

Teens fight bears to protect dogs in California yard

The bear, the black American bear, has grown to about 500 pounds [150 kg], says Rebecca Barboza, a wildlife scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Bears are common in communities close to their natural habitat, such as Bradbury, and in urban areas where bears are seen to be "the most used as their home," he said.

Barboza said from the video, it appears the dogs have woken up the meeting and no action will be taken against the bear.

"The bear was protecting his lambs, he was afraid to protect his lambs and the dogs were definitely afraid to protect their territory," he said.

The wildlife agency says that when a bear enters a home, people should not face it. When a bear is in the yard, people are advised to stay away from approaching.

People should never come close to a bear, especially one with a baby, Barboza said. In areas with bears, it is a good idea to keep pets indoors.

California's black bear population is estimated at 30,000 to 40,000, says the Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is not known how many people live in the Angeles National Forest, but there is an ongoing study to find this number hopefully, Barboza said.