Can A Black Woman Save Howard 'Goodloe' Sutton's The Democrat-Reporter After The Pro-KKK Editorial?

Howard “Goodloe” Sutton, the Alabama editor, who gained national attention for writing an editorial praising the KKK, is very proud of what he did.

Can A Black Woman Save Howard 'Goodloe' Sutton's The Democrat-Reporter After The Pro-KKK Editorial?445
source: Wali Kali

Now that Howard “Goodloe” Sutton has stepped down as the publisher of The Democrat-Reporter in Linden, Alabama, he has plans to get intoxicated and chase women.

Sutton made headlines in late February after he published a piece that began with "Time for the Ku Klux Klan to night ride again." 

In the Op-ed, he asked for the return of the white supremacist hate group to travel to Washington, D.C.

The editorial said he wants the KKK to “clean out DC” and take down “Democrats in the Republican party and Democrats [who] are plotting to raise taxes in Alabama.”

Sutton also had this to get off his chest: “Slaves, just freed after the Civil War, were not stupid. At times, they borrowed their former masters’ robes and horses and rode through the night to frighten some evildoer. Sometimes they had to kill one or two of them, but so what.”

The hate-filled column created a significant controversy prompting Sutton to exit the newspaper in a very unapologetic manner.

The former head of the Democrat-Reporter said he would “do it all over again” if he could.

Sutton also shared his bizarre plans now that he is a retiree by saying in an interview with a local media outlet: "I do not own it (the newspaper) I can drink beer and chase women now. They can't run too fast, or I can't catch them."

Sutton also claimed that the KKK was not violent and added that the white supremacist terrorist organization "didn't kill but a few people."

Elecia R. Dexter, an African-American woman, has been named the publisher and editor of the paper.

Dexter, who was a “strategic leader with expertise in human resources, operations, and change management,” was welcomed with this press release: “The Democrat-Reporter has provided the community of West Alabama with quality news for over 140 years, and you may have full confidence that Ms. Dexter will continue in this tradition as well as moving the paper into a new direction. We are pleased to make this announcement, as her family has strong roots and a rich history in Marengo County where her dad, John Dexter Jr. was born.”

Sutton inherited the 140-year-old family-owned paper from his father in 1964.