Car Bomb Explosion in Mogadishu Somalia - Killing 20 and inuring many - A restaurant became target for the second time


A Car Bomb exploded in Somalia's Capital Mogadishu on Friday night, sadly killing at least 20 people. Some online resources and news channels are saying that the number of people died may be more than 20. It caused a lot of damage injuring at least 30 people.

A car equipped with dangerous explosives was detonated at the restaurant's gate. The restaurant is by the name of Luul Yemeni restaurant .

It is really sad that in an era where thousands of people around the world are facing all sorts of problems in terms of Covid-19, such an incident is horrific.

As per Captain Aden Osman (senior police officer in Mogadishu), the explosion took place at 8 P.M. local time i.e. 12 P.M. Eastern Time.

The blast was followed by heavy gunfire and caused destruction of several buildings around the area.

The city was covered with white smoke and many people got trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building located near the area where the explosion took place.

The country is already going through political crisis caused by delayed election. Security in Mogadishu had been especially heavy, with thousands of government forces deployed in anticipation of a planned demonstration on Saturday by an alliance of opposition leaders over the country's delayed national election.

This is the second time, the same restaurant became target of this massive explosion. The first attack took place in August 2020.

A car bomb was detonated last month near the Somalian presidential palace.

The world is going through tough times, where issues like global warming and Covid-19 are already causing massive changes in people's daily life and routine.

Hope that the injured people recover soon and become healthy again!

As per Wikipedia "Car bombs are effective weapons as they are an easy way to transport a large amount of explosives to the intended target. A car bomb also produces copious shrapnel, or flying debris, and secondary damage to bystanders and buildings. In recent years, car bombs have become widely used by suicide bombers". "A car bomb, lorry bomb, or truck bomb, also known as a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), is an improvised explosive device designed to be detonated in an automobile or other vehicles."

The future of our planet is in danger and such explosions further cause problems, not only for the country but on a global scale.

History: The first reported suicide car bombing (and possibly the first suicide bombing) was the Bath School bombings of 1927, where 45 people, including the bomber, were killed and half of a school was blown up.

Let's have a look at some interesting facts about Somalia:

1. Somalia has the longest coastline in mainland Africa. The coastline of the country stretches across 3,025 km on the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.

2. The country has one of the highest fertility rates in the world, with an average of 6 children being born to one woman in Somalia. Child-bearing and big families are culturally encouraged in the country.

3. Somalia has one of the lowest HIV infection rates in Africa.