Cargo holders at Los Angeles airport are accused of stealing gold bars

The pair work for a cargo company that does business in LAX, and gold bars worth $ 56,000 each have been stolen, officials said.


Two Los Angeles-based property managers accused of stealing gold bars while being airlifted were arrested on Tuesday.

Gold bars, valued at about $ 56,000 million and weighing up to 2 pounds (2 kg) - were seized last year from Los Angeles International Airport and later recovered, according to government officials.

Marlon Moody, 38, and Brian Benson, 35, face charges of conspiracy to commit embezzlement, the U.S. Attorney General's Office said. Central District of California.

Online government court records did not appear showing the man's lawyers on Tuesday night. Attempts to find the phone number associated with the man were unsuccessful.

Moody and Benson work for a private airline that provides cargo handling services at the airport.

The restrictions were in the order of 2,000 buses sent from Australia to New York and set up by the Toronto bank, according to the lawsuit.

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Larger shipments were suspended from LAX on April 22, 2020, taken over by a separate cargo company and stored by the airline, according to court documents. After the shipping company confirmed it and dropped it off at the airport, a box containing 25 gold pieces was found missing, documents said.

Moody then found the box near the warehouse the next morning. He handed it over before taking the four bars, according to the case. The two discussed gold in writing, and Moody gave Benson one gold bar, the lawsuit said.

A box containing 21 missing pieces of gold was found by some cargo holders that day.

Moody allegedly buried two of the three bars and gave them to a relative. Benson allegedly placed the gold bar he had in the bedroom, the case said. All four were found.

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The larger shipment stopped at LAX on April 22, 2020, and was taken by a different cargo company to the airline's warehouse, according to court documents. After the company in charge of the shipment secured it and took it outside the airport, a box containing 25 gold bars was discovered missing, the documents say.