Cases Rising Again in the US.... COVID 19 Start Spreading Again

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Cases Rising Again in the US

The news is that a large number of cases rising again in the US; regarding the vaccines safe and effective for babies. So, what is the problem? How did the cases arise? It seems rather unconnected and there is no explanation or evidence that would connect the cases. A news report states that "A team of researchers from the National Institute of Health in Maryland have concluded that the most commonly used vaccines may not be safe and effective for infants and children." They studied nine vaccines including Gardasil, C Sections, and Lufenuron, all of which are routinely used by tens of millions of parents.

However, when it comes to the study itself, there is some rather interesting information. The researchers looked at data from sixteen million women who took the Gardasil vaccine between 2021. Of those, two-thirds experienced an adverse reaction, mainly consisting of nervous system issues. Seven of the women had serious gastrointestinal problems, where they suffered from vomiting, heart palpitations, diarrhea, stomach cramps, or constipation. However, the majority of the women were diagnosed with either minor gastrointestinal symptoms or no symptoms at all!

So, this study shows that vaccines do cause side effects, but it doesn't prove that they are the cause of these reactions. And, the CDC is claiming that there is still insufficient evidence to suggest that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective for babies. However, when it comes to pertussis, a recent study showed that one in four pregnant mothers received the pertussis vaccine during pregnancy, but this was followed by a birth of a baby who had neither a history of adverse reactions nor did any of the vaccinated mothers have an adverse reaction. So, is this proof that the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective?

It would seem that the answer is no. The problem is, we don't know how to interpret the results of research studies. For example, you see studies done with vaccinated children given their shots after eating organic fruits and vegetables. Yet, this doesn't mean that the vaccines are not effective. So, what does this all mean? If the studies continue to show that the vaccines are not effective, but are effective in other ways, then it becomes very difficult to understand how to interpret these results; especially when there are so many conflicting points of view on the issue.

I believe that the best way to deal with this issue is to draw a clear distinction between immunization and disease prevention. I also believe that we should focus on natural, not chemical approaches to disease prevention. There have been so many case reports about preventable illnesses rising again in the US, but the real reason is because we have become obsessed with the disease instead of protecting ourselves. We must ditch the word "disease" and replace it with words such as "preventable illness." We need to concentrate on doing whatever it takes to protect ourselves from sicknesses. This will eliminate most of the news stories on cases rising again in the US.

In closing, I believe that if we focus on preventing illness, we will live longer and healthier lives. Disease is a killer, but with the right information and the right tools, we can prevent most cases of rising again in the US. As the famous saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Now that you have a clearer understanding of what's happening in the news, let me ask you... Are you using all of the information you can to reduce your risk of getting sick?