CDC announced that vaccinated Americans could travel again without testing or quarantine


The Centers for Disease Control of the North American country released the new rules for isolation, exams, and travel.

According to the latest CDC research, people who have completed their vaccination process (15 days after the second or single dose, depending on the vaccine) can start traveling without being at great risk. The declaration implies a relaxation of the recommendations, which until today called for travel to be limited only to essential issues.

The change comes after the United States government could, for almost two months, study the consequences of vaccination in a real setting, not just laboratory tests. Until today's announcement, the CDC had indicated that vaccines were helping fight the pandemic, but this is the first time they have considered travel standardization. In any case, those who take a plane, a train, or a bus continue to recommend the use of masks, even if the person has already been inoculated.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated from the White House that people who have completed the vaccination process do not need to be tested for COVID 19 before or after traveling within the United States, and they do not need to perform a preventive quarantine when returning from a domestic trip.

Nor would it be necessary for these people to undergo the COVID 19 test before boarding an international flight, but that depends on the requirements of the country to which they are going. Returning from a trip abroad, vaccinated Americans will have no need to quarantine either.

Walensky said, For example, grandparents who have already been fully vaccinated can fly to see their grandchildren as long as they take precautions when traveling—referring to the recommendation to continue the use of masks in public transport.

This same week, the official had asked Americans to avoid traveling, unless it is extremely necessary, due to the large number of new infections that are being seen in the country. He also alleged that after each holiday (such as Thanksgiving or Christmas) in which there was an increase in travel, there was an increase in cases. When asked if the recommendation was also for those already vaccinated, he said yes. Today, she said herself.

Grandparents who have already been fully vaccinated can fly to see their grandchildren without needing to be tested or quarantined.

Still, despite the CDC's recommendations, Americans did not necessarily stop their travels. Airports and airlines across the country have declared record numbers of travelers (during the pandemic) in recent weeks due to spring break. The number of people taking airplanes has been the highest in a year. The country's two main airlines, American Airlines and Delta reported this week that the number of travelers within the United States has returned to its usual pre-pandemic numbers in recent weeks. The difference is still in international flights.

Tourists from other countries who want to come to the United States will continue to be required to test for negative COVID 19 before being allowed into the country, even if they have evidence that they have received the vaccine.