Central concert promoters in the United States will require attendees and workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

source: thehill.com

The increase in the number of cases due to the Delta variant and resistance to vaccines among the population forced the companies producing the most critical events in the country to take measures to maintain their activities despite the pandemic.

The two most important promoters of concerts and music festivals in the United States, AEG and Live Nation, will begin to request vaccination certificates from the attendees and workers of their shows.

AEG, the second most important company, announced this Thursday that as of October 1, it would demand that all its workers and the public be fully vaccinated, while Live Nation will leave the decision on the assistants in the hands of the artists but will request the certificate from your employees.

The drastic action taken by AEG affects many of the world's major festivals, such as the Coachella, Firefly, or New Orleans Jazz Festival, which recently had to be canceled due to an increase in 19 cases.

"Just a few weeks ago, we were optimistic about where our business and our country were heading. Unfortunately, the Delta variant, together with resistance to vaccines, is pushing us in the wrong direction," said company director Jay Marciano in a statement.

The AEG will implement this requirement from October 1 so that all interested parties have time to get vaccinated. But once the date arrives, there will be no exceptions, and artists will have to accept the rule.

We concluded that, as market leaders, it was incumbent on us to take an effective stance on vaccination status," he explained.

Its main competitor, Live Nation, will only need vaccination certificates from its employees and will leave it up to each artist to decide for his or her audience.

At the moment, Maroon 5 has already applied for a vaccination certificate or a negative test of less than 48 hours, which will begin next week.

Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Jonas Brothers, Kiss, and Pitbull are several artists who have concerts scheduled with Live Nation. However, they have not announced their requirements at the moment.

We believe this is a great example, and we have already successfully implemented it at many major festivals, including Lollapalooza, director Michael Rapino said in a statement.


The main epidemiologist of the United States Government, Anthony Fauci, considered this Thursday "inevitable" that the third dose of COVID-19 vaccines is administered in the future. However, he did not want to specify when.

This was stated at the press conference of the response team against COVID-19 of the White House, in which he stressed that this is something that will happen "sooner or later." Meanwhile, US health officials review the situation on a daily basis and follow national and international studies to make a final decision.

"We do not believe that the elderly and the not elderly who are not immunocompromised need an (extra) vaccine right now," Fauci clarified.

The health official reminded that this is a dynamic process.

All data must be examined to adopt a resolution. However, he stressed that the Government is preparing for the eventuality of administering a booster dose.