Charlie Sheen’s Brother States The Actor Is Doing Well—Plan To Collaborate On A Project Together

Reports of actor Charlie Sheen doing well after celebrating one year of sobriety, and plans of working with fellow acting sibling Emilio Estevez.

source: Tracy Few

Emilio Estevez, brother to “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen, recently released a positive update on his fellow sibling actor.  As many may already know, in 2015 Sheen announced that he had been diagnosed as HIV positive, and has remained on the down low from the public eye since then.

Estevez stated, in a recent interview with People Magazine, that he would most certainly work with his brother on another project again.  In fact, he noted that the two of them are "close" to working on a new project together.  "Not enough to talk about right now, but we're close," Estevez confirmed in the interview.

Sheen celebrated one year of sobriety, as told to Extra three months ago.  When asked how his brother was doing, Estevez replied: "He's great, amazing."  Estevez went on to comment that Sheen was very public about where he is in his life now, and Estevez added that the family is proud of him.

Although Sheen did come out as being HIV positive in 2015, he added that he had actually been diagnosed as such four years before.  He confessed the only reason he went public on his HIV status was because of being blackmailed by various individuals who knew of the health diagnosis, who demanded money to keep his secret.

One short year later, his HIV status was once again in the headlines, when the actor himself appeared on the "Today" show.  The timing of this appearance was in close relation to an upcoming release of a documentary that was a tell-all expose focusing on the actor's sexual history.

At that time, Sheen openly admitted that he didn’t always inform his partners of his HIV status, but stated in those cases he always used protection.  However, his ex-fiance Brett Rossi released a statement that Sheen never used protection when with her, and he never informed her of being HIV positive either.

Sheen was the lead character on "Two and a Half Men" until 2011 when he had what many are calling an infamous meltdown.  As a result, he landed in rehab, and the series was put on temporary hiatus.  When he returned, it was reported he insulted series creator Chuck Lorre, which ended with Sheen being fired from the sitcom.  He was replaced by Ashton Kutcher until the show finally ended in 2015.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Even though there is still not much being heard from Sheen these days, is his health still holding up?