Chicharito Hernández broke down in tears during training, accepted to be in a difficult moment.


The LA Galaxy forward shared a motivating message on his Instagram where he claimed to be motivated to overcome this bump.

Javier "Chicharito" Hernández is not going through his best moment. The Mexican footballer suffers from a calf injury that kept him away from the courts since last July 6, when he had to leave the warm-up of the game against Sporting Kansas City.

After almost a month, the LA Galaxy forward has not continued with the incredible moment he was experiencing during the first days of Major League Soccer (MLS), where he became the undisputed starter, benchmark, and scorer of the team, with ten so many.

However, Chicharito was not discouraged and began his recovery to be at his best level for his return to the courts, although the exact date for this to happen is unknown.

The photographs with a smile on his face, accompanied by friends and supporting his team, were never lacking on his social networks. However, this scenario of happiness culminated a few days ago.

It was on July 29 when Hernández Balcázar published a video of his physical training. In it, he is observed performing bars while accompanied by his personal coach Roydian.

After a few repetitions, the emergence of the fundamental forces of Chivas descends from the apparatus with tears in his eyes. His coach walks up to him, grabs him by the waist, and hugs him to show his support. Finally, they both walk out together, and the recording ends.

This footage was accompanied by a motivating message in which he claimed to be in a difficult time, which he has taken advantage of giving his best and getting ahead with effort and dedication.

"We all always go through difficult times, through difficult situations, and it is up to you to take it as something negative or to take advantage of it and see it as a great motivation to give 100% @roydianchan. The decision to continue and continue is up to you", wrote the footballer.

Some of his former teammates and friends, such as “ Checo” Pérez, Sebastián Rulli, Adrián San Miguel, and Andrés Ramalho, commented on the publication. They dedicated words of encouragement to help him get out of this wrong step.

The LA Galaxy coach, Greg Vanney, hoped to recover Chicharito by July 17. However, his recovery has taken longer than expected, a situation that does not alert him. He indicated that he would be patient so as not to compromise his physical condition.

"We also don't want to risk it or rush it. We want this injury to be completely sidelined. That when I return, it is because the damage is not going to represent problems anymore, "he commented in an interview for ESPN.

On the exact dates when he confirmed his injury, the divorce claim that Sarah Kohan filed in February 2021, after separating from the Aztec footballer, was released.

In these documents, the model points out that, since his romantic breakup, the 33-year-old player "does not participate in the daily upbringing of his two minor children," Noah, 2, and Nala, who will soon be one year old.

According to Kohan in the documents, Javier has a salary of eight million dollars a year, just for playing soccer, so the Australian demands around one hundred thousand dollars a month to maintain her two children. If he refuses, Chicharito could visit the court in the coming months.

He also assured that the soccer player refused to protect the pool, putting the safety of the children at risk.

These issues have caused Javier Hernández not to pass his best moment, but all the football fans and his family await his speedy recovery to see him again on the fields and sharing with his children.