Children are hospitalized with Covid with recorded numbers

Some younger patients are found to be Covid-positive through standard tests, but a worrying number are experiencing


The number of children hospitalized with Covid-19 is rising across the country, especially as the highly infectious species of coronavirus is spreading across the country.

According to an NBC News analysis, at least nine states have reported Covid-related childcare numbers: Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as Washington, DC

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Some of those children were found to be Covid-positive through routine tests when they had to be hospitalized due to other unrelated complications. But many are hospitalized mainly due to complications from Covid-19.

Hospital spike is frustrating for pediatric infectious disease doctors in the front lines treating children with coronavirus.

"It seems that people have tried to downplay the importance of this disease in children," he said. Mark Kline, chief physician at New Orleans Children's Hospital. "We have spent two years disputing the myths about Covid with children, that it is 'harmless' to children. It is not."

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DEC. 30, 202101: 46

As of Monday, Kline said 14 children were sick enough for Covid-19 to be hospitalized at his facility, and three were in the intensive care unit.

Three children are under 2 years old. The youngest is only 8 weeks old.

At Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, pediatric numbers, nearly 70, exceeded the peak of patients during the summer delta surgery, Dr. Jim Versalovic, a gynecologist and Covid leader. -19 Command Center, the press conference said on Monday. More than 90 percent of cases are due to omicron variations.

"Most children with omicron still translate a large number of children who may need hospital care," Versalovic said.

On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported a sharp increase in cases of Covid-19 cases. At least 325,340 cases were reported in the week of December 23, compared to 198,551 cases during the week of December 16. Although serious illness from Covid is still rare in young children, a large number of new cases are worrying doctors.

As of Sunday, the number of children admitted to Covid has reached a new high: 1,354 per day, based on an average of seven days, according to NBC News data.

We rarely see a vaccinated child in the hospital.


And the number of children already sitting in hospital beds daily, even before they were admitted to the hospital, reached an average of 3,081 days a day in the past seven days.

Kline co-authored a study, published last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which analyzed 915 Covid cases among children and adolescents admitted to six medical facilities in July and August.

More than three-quarters - 78 percent - were hospitalized due to Covid-19 complications. About half needed respiratory assistance, and about a third were admitted to the intensive care unit.

One third of the 915 patients were healthy, without any health problems that would have put them at greater risk.

“I think many parents have relied on the statement that if you have a healthy baby, your child is less likely to get sick because of Covid. That is not true, ”he said. Amy Edward, specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland.

"It's true that when it comes to math, your baby probably won't have a severe Covid, but statistics don't matter when your baby gets sick," she said.

Edward said he and his colleagues had seen a "significant increase" in the number of children admitted to hospital recently with Covid-19, as well as an increase in the number of those children in need of IV fluids, oxygen support and, in some cases. , air flow.