Chile claimed for a disallowed goal, and the memes against Brazil were exploited on social networks.


The linesman and the VAR agreed that there was an advanced position for Pulgar before Vargas scored. However, from social networks, fans expressed their anger.

The classification of Brazil to the semifinals was framed in the controversy, especially by the complaints of the Chilean footballers and the anger of the fans of that team on social networks. The host team beat the Red by the minimum. Still, some specific events unleashed the claims and spotlight the arbitration of Argentine Patricio Loustau and his colleagues from the VAR.

One of the maneuvers of the debate took place 15 minutes into the second stage when Tite's team was already winning 1-0 thanks to both Lucas Paquetá and had been left with one more diminutive footballer due to the expulsion of Gabriel Jesus after a disqualifying kick. After a cross, Eduardo Vargas managed to send the ball to the back of the net, but the linesman quickly scored offside.

The play was finite, to the point that they took time to verify the action from the technological tool. When Charles Aranguiz sent the ball to the heart of the area, Erik Pulgar was barely ahead. For that reason, the maneuver was invalidated since he was the one who gave the ball to Vargas for the goal. Although the VAR cameras, which were in charge of the Uruguayan Andrés Cunha, verified what happened, the technology only served to support the decision that assistant number 1 Ezequiel Brailovsky had already made.

Regardless of the success, the complaints quickly escalated in social networks. The term "Varsil" became a trend: they recalled some arbitration rulings of the Copa América 2019 favorable to Brazil and the statements of Lionel Messi himself complaining about what happened in the semifinal between Argentina and the local.

Beyond the memes of the users of the networks, there were also very harsh words from Arturo Vidal directed to the Argentine Loustau after the game: "I'm sad about the result, I think we deserved much more. In this game, you need a referee who has pants, is fair, and does not want to be the party clown. If there is a referee who does not allow to play, who for everything, and who thinks he is the show's owner is very difficult. Amid all this tone of controversy, some followers of the Red also relied on a capture of the party to claim an alleged penalty against Aranguiz that the VAR did not verify.

It should be noted that Brazil was involved in a controversy over the arbitrations in the duel on the fourth date of the group stage against Colombia when Argentine judge Nestor Pitana confirmed a goal by Firmino at the VAR request. The discussion reached such a point that Colombia demanded the "immediate suspension" of the referee from Conmebol.