Chilling testimony of one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell


Chilling testimony of one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell: rape, beatings and psychological torture.

Sarah Ransome tells her ordeal in the first person. It reveals how she was recruited, details how she was manipulated, the violence, and the critical role of the British socialite in the macabre pedophile network of the financier.

Shivering with terror, the young woman crawled down the beach toward the ocean. For three days, she had been repeatedly raped by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on Paedo Island, her private haven in the Caribbean. Thousands of miles from her home in Britain, Sarah Ransome had suffered abuse and starvation and was a prisoner. But she was willing to risk everything to escape.

"I knew there were sharks in the water, but I had to escape," he says in an interview with the Daily Mail. But at the time, the beasts were a welcome alternative to the hell he had been through. "At that time, death was preferable to one more rape," he says.

A quad bike interrupted his plan as he was about to dive into the blue waters. Onboard was one of the last people Ransome wanted to see: Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's close companion. "He put his hand on my back and said, 'Okay, honey. Come with me. And I returned with her to the monster's lair," she revealed in her first public testimony of the ordeal she suffered.

The chilling testimony of Ransome, who is now 37 years old, comes after the US Attorney's Office finished presenting her case in the sex trafficking trial against Ghislaine Maxwell. The prosecutor sought to show Maxwell, Epstein's former partner, and friend, as his accomplice in the recruitment of minors for the sexual satisfaction of the tycoon, who committed suicide two years ago while awaiting trial in jail for the same events.

As he tells the Daily Mail, his story is atypical. Most of the minors Epstein took advantage of coming from poor backgrounds. She, on the other hand, comes from a well-educated background. Moreover, he was born into an aristocratic Scottish family: his maternal grandfather was Lord Gordon Macpherson, second Baron of Drumochter.

In 2006, when she was 22 years old, she decided to break up with everything and go to New York. "I was young and naive. Did not know anybody. I had no idea what nest of snakes I was getting into," he says.

Two weeks after landing in the city, he was in a Manhattan nightclub called Quo when approached by a beautiful young woman named Natalya. "She was my age and was very excited to find a friend," says Ransome. "He asked me about my family and what I was doing in New York."

"I told him everything, how I was alone, my dreams of studying fashion. He asked for my number, and I gave it to him. It seemed the most natural thing in the world".

Within days, Natalya called her to say, "I know a great guy who is incredibly rich. He is a philanthropist and helps many girls to fulfill their dreams. He wants to meet you".

That same week, she found herself sitting next to Epstein in a movie theater. There were ten girls with him, all young and pretty, he says. "Looking back, I realize that I was chosen for my vulnerability. I was alone in the big city. He had already admitted that he was a lost soul. Jeffrey was charismatic, charming. He seemed interested in me. "

"In my naivety, I was grateful to have fallen to my feet when meeting these new friends. I had no idea that they were preparing me to enter hell, "he adds.

The following week, Sarah received a call from Natalya.

He told her that a group of girls were spending a weekend on Jeffrey's private island in the Caribbean and invited her. "The private plane was leaving the next day, and I didn't have to bring anything because everything I needed was on the island. What 22-year-old would have said no? I thought I had won the lottery", he recalls

He flew to the island in Epstein's private jet 727, now nicknamed "the Lolita Express."

He reveals that he felt the first alarm signal on the flight. She was surprised when Epstein asked one of the girls for a foot massage. She shows that during the flight, she fell asleep and woke up to loud moans coming from a bed at the back of the plane. "Epstein was having sex with one of the girls. They did not try to hide. I was horrified; I had never seen anything like this.

When he arrived on the island, his passport and mobile phone were taken from him.

The next day, her friend from the nightclub came up to her and said, "Jeffrey wants to see you."

They led her to Epstein's bedroom in the main house, where he opened the door wearing only a white robe. "That was the night he raped me for the first time. He told me to take off my dress and lie down on the massage table. He told me: Tonight, I'm going to teach you to be a woman. I screamed for him to stop", remembers still shocked.

Ransome was sexually abused every day on the island, two or three times a day.

The promise of a place at a prestigious fashion school, combined with Epstein's death threats against her and her family, pushed her into an emotional spiral that she said allowed her to become trapped in a web of abuse.

"Jeffrey told me that he would kill me and kill my family if I told anyone. So I became financially dependent on him. I kept believing it would help me go to fashion school," she says.

He also says that he met Maxwell on the island. "Jeffrey told me that I had to do whatever she said." And shoots: "He was the monster, but she eased the spider web around her."

She complains that she was the one who exercised psychological torture: "She could be bad one moment and kind the next."

Girls who "satisfied" Epstein's depraved cravings received designer handbags, $ 700 hair salon sessions… In her case, Maxwell and Epstein promised to pay her the prestigious New York Institute of Fashion Technology.

"Ghislaine was a woman who oscillated between the madness of the boss and the mother figure," he says. "She could be kind, smiling, charming, what I called 'Ghislaine the kind.' That was the side of her that famous people saw. But she could also be angry, be cruel. "

After a series of fierce attacks by Epstein, Sarah fled to England: "It was May 2007. I just fled. I was devastated. "He called his mother, who bought him a plane ticket back to Heathrow. Sarah lived in fear and moved 47 times in the following years.

"I hope Maxwell is found guilty. She allowed Jeffrey to do what he did. She is evil, a narcissist who thinks she has done nothing wrong. To her, we were nothing. I hope that justice is done", he affirmed.