Clinical Dr.+Relationship Expert on Vax Politics, Holiday Stress+Pocketing Dating Trend

LGBTQ+ Clinical Doctor Comments on Various Mental Health and Wellness Topics Galore

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 Joshua Estrin or Dr. Josh is an LGBTQ+ digital marketing expert with a twist, using an advanced degree in Clinical Therapy/Human Behavior and Ph.D in Statistical Analysis from Columbia University to share his “Shut Up!” philosophy in his newest book, “Shut Up And Listen to Yourself 2.0.”  Some areas of specialty include:

  • What is pocketing, the latest dating trend all about? Pocketing refers to where you are essentially put in your partner's 'pocket' and they consciously keep you away from the eyes of the world, usually by avoiding introducing you to their family and friends. How to handle?
  • How to handle holiday stress and set boundaries at the dinner table-whether it's vax politics, finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list without breaking the bank, or navigating that least favorite relative, Dr. Estrin offers foolproof tips on keeping calm and carrying on during the holidays.
  • Why are we obsessed with serial killers as a society? What is it about serial killers that so many people find so intriguing and what is the “obsession” with shows like Netflix’s season 3, “You”?  Are we a nation of closeted killers? 
  • What's with the Brendan Fraser comeback? TikTok is  posting old clips, highlighting a pattern among a young Gen Z and Millennial audience,  seeking justice for figures who they perceive to have been wronged such as the 'Free Britney' movement.
  • How to deal with blended families when in a new relationship- The blend is created by building authentic relationships with the
    other’s kids and Dr. Estrin offers tips to make the process a little easier.



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With an advanced degree in human behavior and clinical therapy from Columbia University, Joshua has over two decades of face-to-face experience as a Licensed Clinical Therapist helping people tackle their mental health issues. From divorce to depression, he has supported thousands in managing their mood and more serious disorders (i.e. Bipolar I and II, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression), using a no-nonsense approach based on Beck’s Cognitive Behavioral model. Estrin created what is now recognized as the “Shut Up Philosophy” and applied it to coaching some of America's top CEOs and celebrities, helping them navigate the pressures of being in the spotlight and the impact this has on work-life balance. While still a staunch advocate for all things health/mental-health, he aspired for a deeper understanding of human dynamics. As such, he completed a Ph.D. in applied mathematics understanding that, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” He began to quantify kindness, fear, safety and anxiety by using predictive, multi-regression and linear models of statistics in his work and research. His knack for numbers became appealing to some of the largest companies and social media platforms including OWN, Walmart, Pepsico, and Instagram, where he is known as the “Math Whisperer” and “Data Dude,” using consumer data to help brands make informed, responsible and fiscally sound decisions. Wrap this up in a neat package and you have the perfect mix of a right and left brainer narrating in his latest audiobook, “Shut Up and Listen to Yourself 2.0” (2021) available on Itunes, Audible, and Google Play, reminding everyone that they need to use action, ability and awareness, in that order, and listen to their inner expert.

 The result of two loving yet dysfunctional parents who still managed to raise an over-achiever with a solid moral compass. Estrin has spent decades being over-educated, underestimated, and delighting in his ongoing and contentious relationship with the status quo.

Groomed to take over the family business. Josh realized construction was a dirty job so he turned his clinical eye on another mess – Digital Marketing and Social Media. Where he unapologetically crushes his competition but does so without leaving a wake of human carnage in his path. Josh’s advanced degree in Human Behavior and a Ph.D. in Statistical Analysis have allowed him to look into the face of humanity and ask the question, WTF?

Driven by a belief that kindness is a superpower and sarcasm a defense he always makes time to live his “Shut Up!” philosophy while encouraging others to do the same.

With a dash of insight, a splash of glitter, and a heaping portion of love. Josh explores all things inspirational and motivational ensuring he breaks more than a few rules along the way.