CNN Latest Named In Lawsuit Due To Shoddy And Biased News Reporting—Will News Media Finally Learn A Lesson?

source: Zenith

Due to alleged “vicious” and “direct attacks” towards Nick Sandman, a Covington High School Student, CNN is getting slammed with a lawsuit that is estimated at more than $250 million.  The news of the possible impending lawsuit was released by Sandman’s lawyer to Fox News.

Appearing in an interview that will air on Fox News, L. Lin Wood, Sandman's lawyer, discussed his decision to actually sue CNN for its part in the reporting and coverage of the incident that occurred between his client and Native American Nathan Phillips.  

Sandman is already involved in a lawsuit with the Washington Post, and his lawyer believers that CNN was more heinous in their direct attacks towards Sandman than the Washington Post, adding that the Post was pretty vicious.

Wood feels that CNN targeted Sandman, in the attempts to create the idea that he was a member of a mob that was attempting to attack the Black Hebrew Israelites.  CNN also created the concept that Sandman and his fellow students were somehow yelling racial slurs as well.  Wood said every bit of the reported information from CNN was totally false.  

He reminds viewers that if you take a look at the entire tape of what happened that day, not just the bits and pieces were fashioned out of context that CNN presented, it is more than evident that his client was the only "adult in the room."  He also stated the only reason CNN even went after Sandman was that he was a young man wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

According to Wood, the suit against CNN will be issued on either Monday, Tuesday at the very latest.  Just last week, Wood filed a lawsuit to the tune of $250 million against the Washington Post, listing punitive and compensatory damages based on the paper’s misleading coverage of the Sandman-Phillips confrontation, causing the entire issue to go viral on social media.

Wood stated that he believed when the suit is actually filed against CNN, the $250 million claim will be apt to be higher stating: "I expect because of the way they went after Nicholas so viciously, that the claim for his reputational damage will be higher than it was against the Washington Post." 

 In the Washington Post suit, the paper was accused of practicing what was referred to as a "modern-day form of McCarthyism" when they chose to attack Sandman, thus utilizing their varied financial sources to then publish a series of false claims and derogatory remarks in both print and online media.  All done to smear and defame the reputation of a young boy, as a means of sticking it to the president.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Could the lawsuits again both the Washington Post and CNN send a message to news media that enough is enough?  Will they think twice before jumping on a story and running with it before knowing all the facts first?