Co-Ed Sex Education Class Being Taught To 12-Year-Old Middle Schoolers—Say What?

source: The LongRoom

A small town in Oklahoma is in the headlines as the administration has come under fire for their choice of curriculum.  Parents of children that attend Jay, Oklahoma Middle School are fuming mad as they say the administration took a sex education class way too far.

Mandy Callahan, a parent of a 12-year-old who attends the middle school, took to Facebook.  She stated her daughter came home from school in virtual tears because she felt she was not able to complete her homework.  When her daughter showed her the worksheet she was given, she could understand why the child was distressed.

Callahan stated that she was absolutely appalled by the subject matter the administration chose to speak to her child about—a child she says still colors in a coloring book.  She went on to say that the curriculum also called for the class to be taught co-ed—both boys and girls present.  Then, to add insult to injury, the instructors were both males and females, and were not even teachers, or nurses, within the middle school’s school system.  Callahan was quick to add that she was not even informed by the administration that they had plans to teach any of the students about the subjects of sex or masturbation.

Callahan has since contacted the school system, asking for an explanation or at least reasonable answer.  Everyone she spoke to stated that the classes were approved by the teacher, the school counselor, the nurse, even the principal—who said he DID approve it and that he saw nothing wrong with it.

The school district defended themselves by stating they had sent home a pamphlet beforehand.  However, Callahan never saw one, and there was no letter needing a signature of a parent allowing their child to attend the classes.

Callahan had tried contacting the school superintendent but did not receive a reply until a week later.  She feels she only got a reply then because the local tv station had picked up the story and ran with it.  Callahan told The Blaze: “He said the class has been pulled for now and is being investigated, but other than that he really didn’t know what we wanted from him.”

The superintendent also stated to Callahan that although the classes had been dropped this year, they would resume the following years, as they were mandated by state requirements.  And classes would remain co-ed, due to the separating of genders would violate transgender laws.

Jay School District has remained silent and has not put forth any confirmations, denials, or defenses of their supposed actions.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

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