College Student Dies In Tragic Fall Accident In Arkansas -- Social Media To Blame For The Increase In These Incidents?

Andrea Norton, a 20-year-old student, died in Arkansas after falling off a cliff. She was taking pictures with friends. Social media is trying to find answers.

College Student Dies In Tragic Fall Accident In Arkansas -- Social Media To Blame For The Increase In These Incidents?674

In a cruel twist of fate, another young girl, Andrea Norton, has reportedly lost her life in a tragic fall incident in the United States.

This time the situation took place in Arkansas, where the 20-year-old student reportedly lost her balance on a cliff, falling more than a hundred feet to her death.

The incident was reportedly the result of a photo shoot gone bad.

The girl was trying to reposition herself so that she could be photographed from a better angle, but lost her balance and was not able to hold on.

Her obituary stated: "Her light, courage, and drive is what drew people to her. She inspired those who knew her to be the best version of themselves, helped them reach their own goals and had such compassion for everything. Her smile could light up a room, and she brought joy to all around her."

The university said in a statement: "Counselors are currently assisting Briar Cliff students, faculty, staff and all who knew Andrea. A vigil for Andrea was held on Saturday evening on BCU’s campus for the Briar Cliff community."

Many have stepped forward to express their condolences, including friends and family of the student. The girl’s volleyball team members have also expressed their feelings towards the situation.

There have been minor reports implying that the girl’s death may not have been accidental, but those were quickly shunned as unfounded rumors.

The location where the girl died is popular among hikers and tourists, although fatal accidents in the area are not that common, according to official statistics.

This is the second recent incident in which a young girl loses her life as the result of an accidental fall.

Another young student fell off a clocktower at Fordham University, and although she survived the initial fall, she later passed away at the hospital.

The incident drew similar waves of attention, and both are currently actively discussed on social media, with many people urging others to be careful when climbing around dangerous locations, especially for reasons as silly as selfies and photos in general.

Is social media responsible for these tragic incidents, yes or no? Can they be prevented?