Coming to Virginia next week will be less than 2020 - but for how much?

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President Joe Biden tonight stunned Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia's strong race for power - and this comes after the recent campaigns of former President Barack Obama, Deputy President Kamala Harris and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.

So if you don't think this election is coming down, especially with a vote that shows that Republican voters are more motivated than Democrats, then think again.

Biden will campaign for the Democratic Alliance election in the Virginia governor's race

OCT. 26, 202102: 55

The number of people running for the presidency has always been lower than last year's presidential race.


President: 3.72 million total votes

Governor: 1.99 million (47 percent down from '08)


President: 3.86 million

Governor: 2.24 million (42 percent down from '12)


President: 3.98 million

Governor: 2.61 million (34 percent down from '16)


President: 4.46 million

President: ???

But according to our colleague, Ed Demaria, the Democrats have recently done better if the turnout is not so low.

The Democrats' most recent victory in this race (2017 when Ralph Northam won by 9 points) came as voters slowed down in the previous presidential election (a 34 percent drop).

And the Republicans' biggest victory (in 2009 when Bob McDonnell won by 17 points) came when the turnout was much lower than the recent presidency (a 47 percent drop).

Tweet of the day

Getting out

Regarding budget discussions at Capitol Hill, it’s déjà vu - playing Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V.

“Paid family vacations, one of the hallmarks of President Joe Biden's social security system, are at risk of being reimbursed or cut off from large sums of money due to a lack of Senate support. Joe Manchin, DW.Va., ”Ali Vitali of NBC, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Frank Thorp V and Lauren Egan write.

"Manchin, one of two Senate Democrats who has abandoned Biden '' Build Back Better 'proposal, opposes the inclusion of four weeks' paid and medical family leave," said two sources familiar with the negotiations.

Addition: "Manchin is also concerned about Medicare vouchers to help pay for annual dental costs, as well as the drive to increase Medicaid in Republican-led provinces that have not expanded dental implants.

Data Downloads: Numbers you need to know today

41%: President Biden's approval of Virginia's authorization in a new USA Today / Suffolk University poll, showing that the McAuliffe-Youngkin race is likely to be tied.

700,000: Goldman Sachs estimate of how many foreign workers are short on the US economy as the epidemic has boosted immigration.

$ 2.8 billion: The amount of the Emergency Response Plan released in September, with less than a quarter of the nearly $ 47 billion budget allocated by Congress.

45,588,851: Number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, according to the latest data from NBC News and health officials. (That is 110,742 others since yesterday morning.)

741,445: The number of deaths in the United States from the virus to date, according to the latest data from NBC News. (That's 1,530 more from yesterday morning.)

414,302,192: Total number of vaccines administered in the U.S., according to each CDC. (That is 656,714 others from yesterday morning.)

13,262,718: Number of booster vaccines administered in the U.S., according to each CDC. (That's 374,492 others since yesterday morning.)

57.4 percent: The proportion of all Americans fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

69 percent: The proportion of all Americans 18 years and older who are fully vaccinated, according to each CDC.

Blow on "Beloved"

Back in Virginia's race for power, she is now embroiled in controversy over Toni Morrison's novel.

“The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel since 1987 has suddenly become a hot topic in the race for the emperor of Virginia, with Republican Glenn Youngkin alleging that Democrat Terry McAuliffe barred parents from protecting their children from obscene classroom material, and McAuliffe responded by raising a letter. banned, "reports the Washington Post.

"Just a week before Election Day, Youngkin released an advertisement on Monday involving Fairfax County resident Laura Murphy, who fought a 'Beloved' fight in schools starting in 2013 after her son - who was in high school at the time - said. . he had a bad dream when he read it in an advanced book delivery class. ”

“Murphy eventually took his fight to the General Assembly led by the Republic, which in 2016 passed a bill supported by two parties to give parents the right to exclude their children from explicit sexual education. At that time, about half the Virginia school district had already followed that practice, but the bill would have included that in national law. The ‘Beloved Bill,’ as it was known, would make Virginia the first state in the nation to give parents that power to get out. McAuliffe voted for it and a similar bill in 2017. "

Some of the organisation's health advisers are skeptical about whether more people need the Covid-19 shot.

President Biden dismisses former president Trump's latest claim to supremacy over the January 6 documents

Minneapolis residents will vote next week on a voting move to replace the police department.

After raising concerns at the start of reports about allegations of domestic violence against Georgia Republican Herschel Walker, it appears that the establishment of the GOP is going well with his Senate request.