Common Core Appears To Be Dragging Our Country Down—Not Making It Greater As Promised

Common Core has been deemed by many as an epic fail resulting in people wondering just how bad the fallout from the program will end up begin.

source: Tracy Few

When the words "Common Core" is brought up in conversations these days, the chances are not only will the phrase evoke some pretty strong emotions but most assuredly they will not prove favorable ones.  

Several states are now stating they are having a change of heart when it comes to the common core curriculum adopted in the last decade.  The new standards of academia that were placed on both math and English instruction has, as many stated in the initial stages, has been one major epic fail.

Even though the teachings themselves were pretty much a mitigated academic disaster, Common Core has on the other hand been a significant win for the propaganda that is peddled by the politically correct juggernaut.  For proof look no further than our college campuses in the last few years.  

There is a complete and total lack of tolerance, coupled with unwillingness, to enter into a debate that may present with center-right ideas.  The common reaction is to run to what is considered a safe space whenever they are approached with an issue that offends them.

In a nutshell, the only thing that Common Core has accomplished is the production of snowflakes, instead of actual students. These snowflakes are coping with day to day life with both screams and protests.  

Adding even more insult to injury is that the total lack of decent secondary education coupled with the Democrats continued attempts to indoctrinate the next generation has more than contributed to this national academic disaster.

Students are made to believe that by falling into step behind the liberal elite and buying into their politically correct teachings, that they are preparing themselves for the real world.  However, in actuality, they will receive a significant life-altering epiphany when they leave that "safe space" and enter into the "real" world.   

The most disheartening part of this all is the fact that so much of our taxpayer money is being delegated by politicians, to further this type of agenda, while at the same time lying to our children and us in their effort to indoctrinate them

The Common Core came about during the Obama administration and much like other policies he put forward, was promised to place our countries young in a position to be at the top of the race for the 21st Century.  

Much like the promise that with his medical plan if you liked your doctor, you would keep them—we know what a falsehood and failure that plan as turned out to be.

What this actually boils down to is, that not only does 5x3 no longer equals merely 15, and all white people are bad, but the entire program was just an attempt to have not only more control over our children but also their thinking process and ideals.

So what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is it time for education to cut the cord with Common Core?