Comprehensive measures to improve children's physical strength (report)

source: sport


On April 11, 2001, the Central Council of Education was advised by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on "strict measures to improve the capacities of children".

Due to the redesign of key government offices and services on January 6, 2001, the rally was held in the former states of the Central Education Council, the Lifelong Learning Council and the Education Industry Education Council of the Science. . The seven committees, the Chamber of Commerce, the University Committee and the Happiness and Practical Training Conference are integrated into a separate dedicated orientation room.

There are several reports from the Health and Physical Education Council mentioned in the preamble on the actual progress of Japanese education and sports, and in 2000, Japanese sports continued for a long time from 2001 to 2010. We have reported "the ideal positioning method which is indispensable to the progress of the game, "and we have taken some action in response to the report.

In any case, as explained behind the interview, changes in social conditions and lifestyles can open the door to practice, change lifestyles, and make children physically fit and healthy. Long-term athlete performance. It is decreasing.

Given this situation, the purpose of this conference is to present two accompanying perspectives.

1. Measures for young people to move more and get used to exercise, such as sports, outdoor games and exercise in nature.

2. Measures to set attractive lifestyle trends to improve the true health of young people

This committee has been enthusiastic about these issues at the Convention and Youth Subcommittee.

This report summarizes the results of these ideas, but since then all residents have made a strong effort to understand the motivations behind this report and to empower young people. It will be regulated. Homes, schools, neighborhood networks, etc., firmly believe in continuing to cooperate with each other.

To enhance the true strength of the child.

Today, life in Japan is rich and profitable thanks to the emotional improvement of the economy, science and innovation. In addition, with the advance of urbanization, the fertility rate is decreasing, the maturity of the population, the social situation and the lifestyle of the people are changing dramatically and their quality is differentiating.

Under these circumstances, the actual physical condition of children has recently declined over long distances. According to the "Survey of Physical Fitness and Athletic Ability" conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since 1964, the ability of young people to run, throw and catch is constantly decreasing over long distances. Around 1985. I am following you

Neither are young people who drop out of school in the morning, children who cannot sit in the classroom because they are absent from work, and children who are still tired. It is commonly seen in numbers, but it is definitely not the same as in the past. You can see the situation.

Today, it is generally not important to help your life, reduce identified work in housework, increase your true strength, and do many activities just for your life. In any case, true health is the reason that people lead satisfying daily lives through experience and maintain and build a bright and vibrant society. Considering that the energy of the general public generated by Japan after the war may have been supported by the abilities of each person who climbed the mountain, the abilities of the young people who are responsible for the mountain can be considered. Coming is diminishing. I am surprisingly concerned.

True strength is the foundation of personally innovative exercise that supports the human turn of events and development. After that, real power is a hotspot for people to sharpen their knowledge and exercise with it. Furthermore, true strength is also a source of energy for living, and true strength, knowledge, and energy are combined for personal exercise. Thus, current health is an important element of "zest for life."

But in reality, the true power of young people continues to wane and there are concerns about the hostile consequences of the well-being and shortcomings of children. Similarly, as children get older, there is concern that more people will get sick, lose energy, and be less able to help.