Conspiracy Theories Fly About Meghan Markles Baby Bump—Is the Baby Bump Real?

The Royal family has become fodder for conspiracy theorists as they claim that the baby Meghan is carrying isn't even real.

source: Washington Post

When Meghan Markle wed English royal Prince Harry last May, in a celebrity-studded event broadcast worldwide, fans and countrymen have been waiting for one specific announcement from the Palace.

On October 15th, a mere five months after Meghan and Harry was wed, the announcement everyone had been holding their breath for was released.  “We’re pregnant!”  The royal couple had quite literally just arrived in Australia, the first leg of their two-week tour of the Pacific when the officials at Kensington Palace broke the much-anticipated news.

Although the news was released only five months after the couple's marriage, many eagle-eyed individuals from around the world were scrutinizing Meghan's every move, combing over every picture, looking for the smallest possible hint of a baby bump well before the news was released.

Duchess Meghan didn't even begin to start showing much until the middle of the two-week trip.  In fact, when she and Harry arrived at a Fiji state dinner, Meghan was presenting with a some say sudden, more than a noticeable baby bump.

The world at large has been able to watch Meghan’s bump grow over the last few months.  The Duchess is six months along into her pregnancy and chosen to make it a point to rework various everyday outfits to give them more of a maternity flair.  As a result, she is continually receiving criticism and backlash for both her fashion choices and her personal gestures.

The one gesture that is mentioned a lot, and the public just does not seem to like, is that of Meghan constantly cradling her baby bump.  Various studies have shown that the act of the mother cradling the baby bump is beneficial for both mother and child.  However, the most recent criticism is undoubtedly the most extreme by far yet.

Conspiracy theorists are making claims that the duchess Meghan is indeed NOT pregnant.  They claim that the Duchess is, in fact, wearing an inflatable belly and that if there is a child to come, it is being done by a surrogate.  

They justify this theory by the fact that Meghan told her ex-husband that she was not able to conceive a child.  They go on, as proof to their accusations, about how the bump changes size from day to day, and about the manner in which she cradles the bump is a dead give away. 

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is the Duchess of Sussex actually pregnant?  Is a surrogate being used for the royal heir?