Contrary to Democrats And The Liberal Media—Trumps Wall IS Being Built.

Trump's Border Wall Is Being Built At A Furious Pace Contrary To The Liberal Media Propaganda Machine.

source: Tracy Few

In a recent statement, the acting secretary of Homeland Security disagreed with the current media narrative that President Trump's border wall was in fact not being built.  The secretary instead pointed out that the wall is, in fact, being built, and is being done so at an aggressive pace.

                In a statement to Fox New Tuesday, secretary McAleenan pointed out that when a federal project of this type if initially funded, it can take up to two years to actually begin.  He stated that the funding for the fiscal year of 2017 has already been used in building the wall, only going to show how aggressively the administration is working to the wall being built.

                From day one, President Trump has literally had to fight the Democrats in Congress over funding for our countries much needed border wall.  The fight escalated to the point that, because Democrats could not find it in their abilities to come to the table, the government was shut down.  That shutdown, which was laid at the feet of uncooperative Democrats, was the longest in US history. 

 Since then, the President has exercised the same privilege, that those who proceeded him and declared a national emergency to acquire the funding needed to get the wall on the southern border built.  As is usually the case, Democrats disagreed, and as a result, filed a suit against President Trump.  

As the crisis on the border continues, it is also necessary to deploy more and more military troops to the border areas in an effort to stem the hemorrhaging of illegal immigrants into our country.

                Through the use of the military forces being deployed to the border, two attempts by caravans carrying individuals trying to enter the country illegally were repelled.  The very presence of the military on the border has helped to free up essential customs officials to better enforce immigration laws. 

                McAleenan stated a sweeping overhaul is need of our current country's immigration laws.  He said that Homeland Security agents need to have the ability to detain entire migrant families together, and also be able to repatriate migrant children from noncontiguous countries.  

McAleenan’s predecessor sent a letter to Congress in March, stating these same crucial changes that are needed, adding that the current laws are not adequately equipped to handle the massive number of families that are attempting to enter the country, and thusly causing a problem with overcrowding in detention centers nationwide.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

With Trump's border wall rapidly being built, as promised, will the Democrat's try once again to throw a monkey wrench into the progress?