Cop Gets Fired After Shooting Small Barking Dog On Camera: Did He Deserve It?

Keenan Wallace got fired after shooting a tiny dog. The case was handled in a swift manner. Was it the right call?


A Faulkner County deputy, Keenan Wallace, a K-9 handler, was filmed as he shot a tiny dog named Reese’s Cup while on duty and the authorities stepped in swiftly to handle the situation -- he was fired.

According to the police report, Mr. Wallace was called to investigate an incident involving a noisy dog in Conway, Arkansas on Friday night.

The deputy responded to a call made by a woman in the area who claimed that her neighbor, Doug Canady, had refused to restrain his dogs.

The animals were barking, and the unnamed woman decided to pull a gun on Mr. Canady.

When Wallace arrived on the scene, the dog owner did not wish to speak to him.

The law enforcer was not pleased with Mr. Canady 's action and took revenge by shooting the little chihuahua in the face with children playing nearby.

The incident, which was recorded, went viral and caused outrage prompting an investigation of the matter. Wallace was initially placed on paid leave, but 24 hours later, he was fired.

In a post via Facebook, Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals explained their decision to ax Wallace: "Since taking office in 2017, I have been an advocate of integrity, professionalism, and transparency. I hold my Deputies to the highest of standards to protect and serve the residents of our community. Unfortunately, a Deputy fell short to those standards. I was notified Friday of an incident involving Deputy Keenan Wallace. Deputy Wallace fired his service weapon that injured an animal while close to a citizen."

The statement went on to say: "Over the last 24 hours, at my request, Faulkner County Investigators have been working diligently to investigate whether Deputy Wallace violated any state law or our agency’s policies and procedures. While it appears no policies or laws were violated, I hold every employee within our agency to the highest of standards and will be forwarding the investigation to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further review. As a result of the incident that occurred on January 4, 2019, in the Shiloh Estates Subdivision, Deputy Keenan Wallace has been relieved of his duties at the Faulkner County Sheriff’ Office."

After several surgeries, the dog is said to be alive with a broken jaw.

Was it the right decision to fire Wallace?