Cop's Son In Deadly Drunk Accident: "Call My Daddy" -- Tashonty Toney's Family Did Apologize

Tashonty Toney requested for his father to be contacted after a fatal crash. The New Orleans incident went viral and claimed the lives of two people.

source: The Advocate

Using family connections to get out a problematic situation is nothing new, but this accident took things to the next level 

Tashonty Toney, who allegedly crashed his car into a group of bicyclists in a recent incident that took the lives of two in a New Orleans street, has reportedly shown a heavy reliance on his father and his connections after being charged with his crimes. 

A witness named Frank Rourk shared:  "This guy was trashed — blind drunk. If you talk to him in 24 hours, he’s not going to remember doing any of this."

Toney’s father, a police officer, has refused to comment on the situation.

According to witness reports, one of the first words Toney said after the crash was “call my daddy.” 

This was shortly after the 8 pm incident which saw him killing a man and a woman with his vehicle. 

Toney was reportedly so drunk that he was unable to maintain his posture after getting out of his car, and collapsed unconscious on the sidewalk shortly after.

It was at that point that Toney started requesting for his father after people started piling up around him and trying to bring him back to his senses. 

It was obvious at this point that the man was beyond any reasonable attempts at communication.

Toney had reportedly celebrated his birthday. Thankfully, reports indicate those responding officers did not take kindly to Toney’s alleged affiliation with the police and arrested him on the spot. 

He refused a breathalyzer test and is currently awaiting charges for his reckless driving and the lives he has taken. 

According to reports, he is currently facing multiple charges, including two vehicular manslaughter ones.

If convicted, he could face a long time in prison, possibly under harsh conditions given the nature of his crimes and the behavior he has displayed so far.

Toney’s mom, Debra, apologized for what he did in a statement that read: "I’m so sorry this happened. I’ve been praying for them, and I’ll continue to pray for them."

NOPD spokesman Andy Cunningham told the same media outlet: "This discovery does not change and will not impact our department’s investigation, which will be open and transparent."

Do you think Toney was right or wrong for asking for his dad?