Coronavirus Continues To Grow And Grow—When And Where Will It End?

source: Pixabay

In a release from US public health officials, Americans are urged to prepare for the coronavirus to spread across the country, touching almost every community.  

The head of the CDC, Dr. Messonnier, brought the issue into a very vivid light, stating it is not if the coronavirus will have a significant reach within the US, but more of a question as to when and how many will be affected.

The attempts to contain the virus so far have involved the restriction of travel to the center of the outbreak, China, as well as isolating those cases that have been confirmed within our borders.

However, as per Messonnier, with the recent confirmation that the virus is spreading out to other areas of the globe, such ad Iran and Italy, has created a level of realization that we will see it spread here in the US.

With the expected spread of the virus, the CDC urges all Americans to prepare with some unwanted disruptions in their day to day lives.  Everything from school closings, possible delay of less pressing medical procedures, as well as possibly working from home.

It is expected that the spread of the virus will ramp up and exponentially accelerate in upcoming weeks.  With the number of confirmed infected, as well as the death toll rises, individuals are scrambling to horde as many supplies as they can.

Reports out of Costco indicate that, other than the expected hand sanitizer, toilet paper is flying off the shelves.  In some areas, there are sales of the toilet tissue being bought up by the pallet loads.  It seems that US residents are expecting a very dire situation even though the government is stating not to panic.

Press conferences in the last few weeks have been offering more and more information about the exponential numbers of infected and dead, yet also play down the need for worry.  Over the last few days, that stance had taken a different motif, as some states have chosen to declare states of emergency,

Congress has passed through a multi-million dollar bill that would be budgeted for throughout the country to offer both testing kits for those suspected to be infected, as well as providing resources for those who are confirmed to have the virus.

No one knows just how far and wide the virus will spread, but the CDC does know that if the coming warmer months don't kill it out as it usually does the regular flu, then that is a whole other issue and problem on its own.

Do you believe that the coronavirus outbreak is worse than we are being let on to believe?