Coronavirus in the US: they began to vaccinate at the Miami international airport


Starting today, and COVID 19 inoculants will be offered at two locations within the facility for a limited time. Who can get the doses.

Starting this Monday, May 10, and until May 14, between 8 am and 5 pm, there will be coronavirus vaccines available at Miami International Airport. These are two temporary vaccination centers that will be offering doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech without the need for an appointment. Both centers will reopen again at the same time between June 1 and June 4 and June 7 to place second doses.

One of the temporary vaccination centers is located in the airport auditorium, located on the fourth floor of Terminal D. There, people arriving on foot will be received. The other is organized to serve those who approach by car and is located in the taxi area outside the airport.

Those who can access the doses offered in these two locations are airport workers, relatives, and friends of these, as well as any traveler residing in Florida. However, as the vaccination of friends of employees is contemplated, the concept is broad enough that there are no great restrictions on giving a vaccine to whoever comes there. As in most vaccination centers in Florida, documents proving residency are no longer required beyond a verbal statement.

Since before 8 am today, there was a queue of people, mostly airport employees, waiting to be inoculated. As the hours passed, everyone was processed, and the wait is minimal.

The mayor of Miami-Dade, which has the airport in its jurisdiction, announced that the temporary relocation of mobile vaccination centers is part of the county's new strategy to make vaccines accessible to all its residents. Could be The idea is that people who have not yet been able to go to one of the large-scale vaccination centers can now get vaccinated in their own workplaces.

Inaugurating a temporary vaccination center at Miami Port Airport, Miami Daniela Leon Cava said, "Vaccines will be available at shopping malls, universities, places that focus a lot of employees. "

In Florida, according to the governor's latest order, all state residents over 18 years of age can receive the vaccine, although most vaccination centers do not require documentation proving residence in the state. Similarly, those over 16 years of age, accompanied by their parents or a guardian in charge, can be inoculated as long as it is with the vaccine developed by Pfizer, the only one authorized in the country so far for adolescents.

Although many of these centers do not require an appointment, Miami Dade County recommends preregistration to speed up the process through the official county vaccination page.

As of Saturday, May 8, when the latest official data was released, 369,026 people have a first dose of the vaccine placed in Miami-Dade, while 949,680 have already been fully immunized. In other words, in a county of about two and a half million inhabitants, about 53 percent of the population is already immunized (although at this point, it is difficult to know how many of those who have received a vaccine in Miami-Dade live in a time full in the county, or just passing through).