Could Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye Be The Key To Thanos’ Defeat—Theories Say Yes!

source: Screencrush

May contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk!

As any fan of the Avengers may already know, Renner’s Hawkeye character was not seen in the last Marvel installment Avengers: Infinity War and was only mentioned in passing.  That passing was merely an answer posed to Black Widow as to his whereabouts, with her answer being that “he chose to sit this one out.”  Many speculations are that after the events of Captain America: Civil War that he, much like Scott Lang, was arrested and bargained for a house arrest instead of incarceration.

However, there is more to the story than what meets the eye.  It would seem, from a massive number of rumors, speculations, and theories that Hawkeye was left out of Infinity War on purpose, and for a very specific reason.  That reason is that he may very well be the most important element to Thano’s demise in the upcoming sequel Avengers: End Game.

If one were to rely solely on the comic book version of events, Clint Barton, Hawkeye, loses his entire family from Thano’s finger snap.  As a result, he goes somewhat off the rails, taking on the character of Ronin.  Ronin is a pretty common name in the Marvel world, and the persona has been taken on by over ten individuals that come to mind at the moment, if not more.  It always seemed the character is pretty much a fall back for when a good guy wanted, or in Hawkeye’s case needed, to go off the rails but not as his their true persona.  Hence, the creation of the Ronin identity.

For months we were teased that Clint Barton would indeed return in the next Avengers, but not as fan favorite Hawkeye but as Ronin instead.  We received definitive proof of his return in the first trailer for End Game when we see Ronin being approached by Black Widow.  So we know that at least Clint Barton, if not Hawkeye, is returning.  So, the question remains—why now?  Why after sitting out the first movie is he being brought back this late in the battle?

My theory, along with others out there, is that he is THE major player in what is to come.  I am not really sure how, but he may very well be the answer to the final defeat of Thanos.  It is very possible that his presence will swing the tide back in favor of the Avengers team, and as a result save the universe.   

Will his actions be the pivotal point to set the cosmos right again?  Who knows.  But I do hope that if he is that important to the storyline, that they find some way to save his family in the process.

Will Hawkeye be the one to defeat Thanos and set things straight?