Couple Nathaniel Holmes And Cynthia Day Found Dead In Hotel Room -- Is The Dominican Republic A Safe Place For Tourist?

A couple, who was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, has died. The death of Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day has sparked a lot of reactions online.

Couple Nathaniel Holmes And Cynthia Day Found Dead In Hotel Room -- Is The Dominican Republic A Safe Place For Tourist?829
source: Seadevil.Net

Things are not looking good for the Dominican tourist sector, as yet another violent report has just come out from the country.

This time, it is not a violent beating -- instead, a couple from Maryland has been found dead in their hotel room in a resort in the country.

Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day were found lifeless in their room several days ago.

However, reports indicate that there have been no signs of violence at the scene of the crime.

This has brought up various questions among those discussing the incident on social media.

Authorities claim that they have not determined the cause of death yet -- or at least they are not revealing it publicly -- and they are considering different options as possible explanations.

Family members of the two deceased have requested more information from authorities, but have so far been met with silence.

Dominican investigators are known for occasionally being quite secretive about their work, especially on more sensitive cases like this one, so it might take a while before the public hears more about the sad incident.

Meanwhile, there has been growing criticism from some sides towards the state of the Caribbean island and its treatment of tourists.

This is not the first recent incident in which a foreigner visitor has suffered in a violent way during their stay in the country.

A Delaware woman, Tammy Lawrence-Daley, said she was attacked in Punta Cana and was left with multiples injuries.

However, others have pointed out that the situation might be getting blown out of proportion by some who are just trying to stir up the flames.

In any case, the investigation into the incident is continuing behind the scenes.

The horrific incidents have prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a travel advisory for the Dominican Republic pleading with American travelers to "exercise increased caution…due to crime."

The advisory said: "Violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide and sexual assault is a concern throughout the Dominican Republic. The wide availability of weapons, the use and trade of illicit drugs, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to the high level of criminality on the broader scale."

Do you think the island is a safe place for tourists, yes or no?