Couple Sues Hotel Chain For Illness From Suspected Pesticides

Pesticides being eyed as the cause of illnesses and death at Dominican Republic hotel chain.

source: pxhere

A hotel chain based in the Dominican Republic has been served with a lawsuit.  It would seem a Colorado couple, who stayed at one of the hotel chain’s properties last year, claim they fell ill due to pesticides.  As fate would have it, there were four American tourists reportedly dying at the same location in the past year.

Kaylynn Knull and Tom Schwander claimed to have stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe La Romana hotel and happened to reside in the same room where a Maryland couple was reportedly found dead on May 30th.  Knull spoke to the channel in Denver, stating: "I honestly believe the truth needs to be told."

The couple has filed the lawsuit, said to be seeking $1 million, after asking the resort for transparency about the gardening chemicals that the resort was using.  They also asked if the resort would not disclose the chemical types, that they wanted a refund on their money. 

After returning to their hotel room, after asking for the information, the couple noticed that their room smelled of a strong odor, not unlike someone had dumped paint everywhere.  They stated they were also drooling excessively, as well as their eyes watering uncontrollably.

The very next morning, the couple stated they awoke soaked in sweat and being terrified, they had themselves booked on a return flight home before the sun even came up.  When they returned home, they saw the diagnosis of a physician.  That diagnosis was “likely organophosphate poisoning”—a plain and simple reference to pesticides.  Knull then suspected the pesticide chemicals were being used on the plants around the hotel’s property.

When contacted for comment, the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts declined, only to offer that they would not comment on matters that were in litigation, such as the couples.  Knull and Schwander were very fortunate that they did not fall to the same fate as several others who visited the Dominican Republic.

The wife of one such individual David Harrison of the Washington, DC area died while he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic just last year.  The victim's wife stated that her husband had been in good health before the vacation, but authorities in the Dominican noted that the classified the cause of death of a mixture of pulmonary edema along with a heart attack.  Harrison's widow also stated that the hotel doctor cost $3,000 and that the hotel would not let the family check out until the doctor's bill was paid.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Was the case of illness, as well as death, actually a form of pesticide used by the hotel chain?